Wait staff

Jul 26 2017
Dillingham Saimin |Honolulu|Part Time
Job Description

·         Greets all guests

·         ·         Provides the highest quality of dining service to the guests.

·         ·         Prepares food and beverage for service to guest

·         ·         Accurately enters orders into the POS system

·         ·         Serves food and beverages to guests

·         ·         Ensures that wait staff stations are clean

·         ·         Opening and closing duties

·         ·         Attends to guests and takes orders

·                   Remove dirty dishes from tables.

·                   Present check to guests and accept proper payment following check closing procedures.

·                   Maintain supplies and cleanliness throughout service period

·                   Ability to make food and beverage recommendations also as an upsell.

·         ·         Offers information and suggestions about the menu

·         ·         Prepares checks and collect payment        

·         ·         Have a positive attitude

·         ·         Must be knowledgeable on current events, where the food and liquor is provided from,             food preparation, and restaurant industry news

·         ·         Ability to handle stressful situations

·         ·         Communicate with cooks to troubleshoot any problems that may occur. (i.e. allergies,               unhappy customers, service errors, etc.)

·         ·         Be respectful and friendly

·         ·         Be able to multitask

·         ·         Replenish stations with clean glassware/dish/utensils

·         ·         Making sure glassware/dish/utensils is clean and dry

·         ·           1+ Year professional experience