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Malolo Beverages & Supplies, Ltd. is an 85 year old wholesale/distributor of disposable foodservice paper products, janitorial/sanitation supplies, syrup manufacturing.  Malolo Beverages is a 100% locally owned and operated family company since it's inception in 1927.  We can and do service all food related establishments (Rainbow Drive Inn, Likelike Drive In, Alan Wongs Pineapple Room, etc), convenience stores (7/11, Aloha Island Mini Marts, Chevron, Baskin Robbins, etc.), grocery stores (Marukai, Tamuras, Foodland, etc) along with churches, schools, Hawaiis own "lunch wagons" and any other establishment that serves food and has to clean up afterwards, we're able to meet their needs.





120 Sand Island Access Road
Honolulu, HI 96819
Open jobs: 0
Industry: Wholesale
Founded: 1927
Employees: 33