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We have the Experience and Expertise

In 2018 the program celebrates 40 years of service in Hawaii. We are committed to providing cost effective quality service to our consumers in a community based setting.

Our dedicated multi-disciplinary team includes paraprofessionals, certified substance abuse counselors and other licensed professionals.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Po'ailani, Inc. is to provide dual diagnosis treatment services in a continuum of care that is community-based and client-focused.

Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Philosophy:     

  • We understand that psychiatric and substance disorders tend to be persistent and recurrent.     
  • We understand that a continuous and integrated approach to assessment and treatment is required.     
  • We understand that the presence of co-occurring disorders makes each disorder more difficult to treat.     
    We understand that a consumer-centered system is one in which dual diagnosis consumers and their families are actively involved, not only in treatment decisions, but also in program design, administration and evaluation.     

    We believe that every individual, regardless of the severity of his/her disability has the potential, and is entitled to experience the promise and hope of dual recovery.     

Stages of treatment include:

  • ENGAGEMENT - forming a trusting relationship     
  • PERSUASION - helping the engaged consumer develop the motivation to become involved in recover-oriented interventions     
  • ACTIVE TREATMENT - helping the motivated consumer acquire skills and supports for controlling illness and pursuing goals     
  • RELAPSE PREVENTION - helping the consumer in stable remission develop and use strategies for maintaining recovery

Consumers may be in different stages of treatment with respect to mental illness and substance abuse.

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