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When our team began to conceptualize the evolution of outsourced HR in Hawaii we started searching for something that defined our islands. Unanimously, it was the ocean. From the ocean comes new life and constant change -- that is where our story began.

With most of us being former small business owners, we understood the entrepreneur’s dilemma of the nice-to-have’s and the need-to-have’s when considering services that support our businesses. With the cost of doing business in Hawaii at an all-time high, price is always a factor.

Our vision began to take the shape of a paperless, easy-to-use HR solution that would support businesses in Hawaii at an affordable price, letting owners choose the level of HR services that fit their needs. Beautiful to gaze upon, but complex below the surface, like the majestic ocean that surrounds us.

We believe we have achieved this evolution by putting the power back in your hands, letting you choose the level of HR services you need to run your business.

So “to the ocean” we go as we set sail with Makai HR.

820 West Hind Drive Suite 1293
Honolulu, HI 96821
Open jobs: 0
Industry: Employment Services & Human Resources
Founded: 2018