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It isn’t usually until crisis or dramatic changes in society that risk and opportunity lock steps.  In the past few decades there have been many attempts to create an innovation economy that would be a new leg in Hawaii's economy.  Like many good initiatives we've designed to correct what's weak or wrong and invited others to teach or fix us when quite possibly we've neglected what's always been our greatest resource.

Is it possible that this part of Hawaii's history inspires a statement that who we need to be is who we have always been?

We believe Aloha Connects Innovation is a nod to what has always been and must always be our greatest resource, other than our island  

We've come together to share, care, and embrace struggle to discover and recover the gifts that many have neglected and dismissed in ourselves.  We connect to create new opportunities in and for Hawaii from and with you.  We dream of a Hawaii where our economic measurement is not our belongings but how we use and share what we have to inspire belonging and lives lived well.

735 Bishop Street, Suite 424
Honolulu, HI 96813​ha-connects-home
Open jobs: 8
Industry: Business Management & Consulting