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Hawaiʻi Food Service Alliance (HFA) & Ni‘ihau Ranch and Ni‘ihau Provisions are working together to provide USDA inspected Eland venison and free-range lamb cuts to Hawaii’s grocers and restaurants. The wild eland antelope, lamb and cattle of Niihau Ahiu Provisions, LLC, are born and harvested on the pristine and private island of Niihau.  Surrounded by thousands of miles of open ocean, this untamed and underdeveloped island is home to a unique ecosystem that thrives the same way today as it did over a thousand years ago.  Never confined, fenced or farmed, the Niihau eland antelope, lamb and cattle live completely free and nourished only by the wild vegetation that grows on the windswept plains, hillsides, and higher elevations of the island.  


Eland Meat is 97% lean, flavorful and healthy alternative to beef. Free-range lamb is a healthy alternative delicacy, low in calories and packed with an array of essential nutrients. This new source of premium wild game is not only a sustainable local food source, but also ecologically friendly. These delicacies are coming direct from the island of Ni‘ihau, where to this day the entire island operates in a completely self-sustainable way of growing, foraging, and hunting for their food. This cooperative effort allows the small island community to support and provide for Ni‘ihauans by facilitating the trade of their artisanal goods.


Niihau Ahiu Provisions, LLC (NAP) is a USDA slaughter and processing facility located in Kaumakani, Kauai.  In July of 2021, NAP worked with the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) to certify the island of Niihau and NAP’s slaughter and processing center as organic.  NAP will be selling certified organic lamb in Q2 of 2022.


402H Kaumakani Ave.
Kaumakani, HI 96769
Open jobs: 2
Industry: Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing