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We specialize in helping individuals and families with mental health challenges and addictive behaviors. We believe that active addiction is not a barrier to care, and that anyone can improve with therapy at any time. Participation is always a beneficial step.


We practice a holistic approach to treatment, affecting the body, mind, and environment, and giving our patients the greatest chance of success.


The care we provide at Family & Addiction Counseling Llc is client-directed rather than model-directed. A variety of biological, psychological, and community-based interventions are available to help each patient and their family members in achieving and maintaining their personal treatment goals.


Our counselors maintain the therapeutic relationship and are able to treat our clients at every phase of their addiction, whether during active use, through relapse, or into recovery.


1888 Kalakaua Ave. Suite C321
Honolulu, HI 96815
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Industry: Healthcare