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Hāna Ranch is a 3600-acre working cattle ranch and diversified organic farm in Hāna, Hawaiʻi. It is one of the last places in Hawaiʻi untouched by urbanization. Hāna’s ranch operations integrate grass-fed livestock production with a breeding herd of 500 cows, fruit tree orchards, horseback touring & agritourism, and landscape stewardship. Additionally, the ranch owns and operates a private-owned water utility that serves a portion of the community of Hāna. With its rolling green pastures, lush coastal rainforests, rich cultural legacies, and environmental and agriculture resources, Hāna provides an ideal setting to showcase a regenerative land-use model in a tropical environment.


We are truly honored to hold the responsibility of this remarkable land. We aim to weave together resources and community to nurture a thriving economy that will benefit the community of Hāna and Maui for generations. Our operating plan includes:


1.     Protecting working land through agricultural investments and diversification.

2.     Promoting ranching and farming that feeds a community and improves the health of the land.

3.     Supporting community efforts that build the future of Hāna and protect its natural resources.

5670 Hāna Highway
Hana, HI 96713
Open jobs: 0
Industry: Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing