Development & Outreach Coordinator

May 02 2022
East Hawai'i Cultural Center |Hilo|Contract, $14,400 / year
Job Description


To complete the tasks below, the contractor has authority to establish their priorities, hours, method of accomplishing work, and place of work, in consultation with the EHCC Board.


TASKS: DEVELOPMENT (generating support from individual and business donors)

1.     Develop familiarity with EHCC’s current and planned activities in all three pillars (gallery, youth and adult education, and performing arts), in order to be able to articulate EHCC’s programs and inspire donors.


2.     Create a toolkit of fundraising support materials, including brief descriptions of current activities, prospectuses for planned programs, bios of key staff/volunteers, and budget/financial data.


3.     Ensure that EHCC’s donor tracker (which records who donated, how much, whether the donation is directed to specific programs, and how EHCC thanked the donor) is up to date and that all donors receive timely and proper recognition for their financial and in-kind contributions.


4.     Working with the EHCC Board, create a clear strategy for reaching out to potential individual and business donors. This should include names, contact information and proposed ask; areas of particular interest to those donors; and a plan for reaching out to them (for example, EHCC’s theatre director should be included in a meeting with a wealthy individual who has an interest in drama, and free tickets and reserved front-row seats would be among the incentives offered). The plan should be designed to produce long-term commitments; a pledge of $10,000/year for the next three years has more value to EHCC than $25,000 today without plans for continued support.


5.     For development activities that will incur a cost to EHCC, create a budget projection for total expenses and obtain prior approval from the Board before expending funds.


6. Implement and refine all aspects of the development strategy.


TASKS: OUTREACH (expanding EHCC’s membership and volunteer resources)

1.     Take stock of current procedures for recruiting and retaining members. Plan and execute an upgraded membership system that will include: identification of attractive, affordable member benefits; more active outreach to gain new members; strategies for retention; and carrying out an AGM (annual general meeting). 


2.     Ensure that accurate, up-to-date membership records for past and present members that includes contact information and membership level are maintained and are accessible to all EHCC staff via Google Drive.


3.     In coordination with the Board and Executive Director, create and conduct procedures for a member-elected Board position, to be voted on by members in good standing on an annual basis.


4.     Take stock of current procedures for recruiting and retaining volunteers. Plan and execute an upgraded volunteer coordination system that will include: identification of meaningful short- and long- term volunteer activities within EHCC’s programs and operations; means by which volunteers can be motivated and rewarded; active outreach to gain new volunteers; and strategies for retention.


5.     Ensure that accurate, up-to-date volunteer records that includes contact information are maintained and are accessible to all EHCC staff via Google Drive. Coordinate with EHCC’s office manager to ensure that background checks are conducted on all volunteers who work with children. Obtain standard releases from all volunteers that address issues such as liability, use of likenesses in EHCC publicity material, and medical emergency transport.


6.     When activities that are intended to recruit or reward members or volunteers will incur a cost to EHCC, create a budget projection for total expenses and obtain prior approval from the executive director or bookkeeper before expending funds.



This is a performance-based agreement not tied to hours worked, which may vary from month to month.

Required qualifications:

·      Demonstrated ability to work patiently, cheerfully, and reliably with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including both members of the public and EHCC personnel.

·      Knowledgeable about East Hawai'i institutions and communities.

·      Demonstrated ability to create a strategic plan, identify specific tasks within the plan, and carry out those tasks according to an identified timeline.

·      Word processing and spreadsheet skills adequate to maintain and upload records and pull together draft documents for use in the fund-raising toolkit.

·      At least one contactable reference who can speak to the professional and/or personal qualities of the applicant.


Desirable qualifications:

·      Prior experience in fundraising, member/volunteer recruitment, or similar positions.

·      Sufficient word processing/graphic design capability to produce finished documents for the fund-raising tool kit.

·      Previous involvement with EHCC as an active member, volunteer, and/or visitor.


·      Experience in one or more areas central to EHCC’s mission, such as visual or performing arts or work with youth.



Send your cover letter and resume or CV to [email protected] by no later than May 27.