Director of Keolahou

Jun 25 2019
Job Description

Status: Exempt                                                                                     Reports To: Director of Operations

The Director of Keolahou is an excellent social service provider with considerable experience managing people and complex situations amongst vulnerable populations. Overseeing a team of ten or more stemming from outreach services through emergency shelter and placements into permanent housing, the Director of Keolahou ensures fidelity to practice of each intervention in accordance with evidence-based and evidence-informed practices.

In the course of performing duties, the Director of Keolahou must have impeccable brokering, advocacy and communication skills when working with other community organizations and government partners.

The Director of Keolahou must also ensure all team members follow agency policies and procedures, and oversee and monitor service outcomes, practices and data quality.

Using a multi-disciplinary skill set, the Director of Keolahou must be able to exercise the following skills:

  • Lead a multi-disciplinary team to create a safe and trauma informed program;
  • Plan, organize, supervise and evaluate the work of subordinate staff;
  • Assess employee development and provide training in casework techniques and practices;
  • Establish and maintain effective working relations with others including external partners;
  • Evaluate case problems, provide leadership and consultation to subordinate staff in the development and implementation of case plans;
  • Support subordinate staff responding  to crisis situations, de-escalate as necessary and provide crisis debriefing after incidents;
  • Develop and apply regulations and departmental policies and procedures;
  • Coordinate and integrate the work of subordinates;
  • Ensure that all contract requirements are met for Keolahou, including project’s operational budget;
  • Ensure consistency and accountability of service delivery workflow to meet agency measurement metrics that matter: (1) Increase the exit rate to permanent housing; (2) Decrease the length of homelessness episode; (3) Reduce recidivism and return to homelessness.
  • Plan, schedule and conduct individual and group meetings;
  • Prepare and present effective written, statistical and oral reports.
  • Monitor, coach, evaluate and ensure fidelity of services to program standards;
  • Assess and approve entry of service users into the program by prioritizing assessments and needs;
  • Chair a weekly case conference of the entire caseload within the purview of her/his staff;
  • Ensure that services are provided in a safe, respectful, and effective manner;
  • Ensure that services are documented and reported in accordance with agency and regulatory standards, as well as applicable grant requirements;
  • Model and teach effective Housing First Case Management techniques and strategies, and provide corrective measures;
  • Achieve knowledge of the contracts and grants funding Keolahou;
  • Medical billing and coding knowledge;
  • Insurance claims, diagnosis and treatment codes and modifiers are aligned to insurers claims;
  • Follows up with insurance company on unpaid or rejected claims.  Resolves issues and re-submits claims;
  • Follows HIPAA guidelines in handling participant information;
  • Knowledgeable with managed care authorizations and limits to coverage;
  • Other duties as assigned.

The Director of Keolahou must be able to fulfill duties in accordance with the service orientation of a Housing First approach, including:

  • Housing as the first essential step, without any requirements for sobriety, participation in treatment, medication protocol, compliance, or demonstrated “housing readiness”;
  • Recovery orientation related to mental wellness and cognitive functioning;
  • Reducing harm to the individual and broader community, especially as it relates to mental wellness, use of substances and involvement in higher risk behavior like sex work;
  • Remaining non-judgmental in behaviors, practices, beliefs and actions of service participants;
  • Promoting and empowering meaningful choices and service access options, as well as allowing the service participant to influence the type, duration, frequency and intensity of supports;
  • Absence of coercion, tricks or contracting;
  • Supporting greater independence over time;
  • Professional relationship without dependency that supports “doing with” instead of “doing for”;
  • Expressing empathy and positivity;
  • Remaining future oriented, not anchored to past events, with a strong sense of promoting hope and possibility in a realistic manner;
  • Transparency and disclosure of information with the service participant using full informed consent;
  • Balancing the needs of the client, community and landlord in each situation;
  • The right to refuse or revoke services and/or seek restitution or grieve instances where they feel services are inappropriate or inadequate.

The Director of Keolahou must have considerable knowledge and expertise in the areas of:

  • Leadership and team building;
  • Legal requirements and risks to perform this type of work, including the relevant legislation that impacts decision-making in particular situations;
  • Rental housing and requirements of tenants and landlords by law;
  • Homelessness, especially chronic homelessness;
  • Dependency on substances, as well as addictions;
  • Native culture and legacy impacts, cultural compromises and impacts on cultural identity;
  • Economic poverty;
  • Income support services;
  • Child welfare;
  • Health care, mental health care, and addiction services;
  • Harm reduction;
  • Trauma and abuse;
  • Domestic and intimate partner violence (victims and perpetrators);
  • Life changes and ageing;
  • Brain injuries;
  • Privacy and confidentiality;
  • Corrections and criminal justice;
  • Policies and procedures of Hope Services Hawaii.

In the course of performing the duties of the Director of Keolahou it is not uncommon to see, engage or be confronted with first hand – or have staff encounter first hand – the following: violence and threats of violence; profane, racist and/or sexist language; bodily fluids; conflict; interactions with First Responders; alcohol and other street drugs; cigarette smoke; death of service participants or her/his associates; nudity of service participants or her/his associates; friends/family dynamics with service participants; people involved with sex work; people involved in the drug trade; persons used against their consent, will or knowledge; people in conflict with the law; and/or other situations that may be unsettling. Measures are taken to train staff to appropriately deal with these situations, but those in the position should reasonably expect these types of things to occur and the Director of Keolahou must provide appropriate direction and support to these situations.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologist, APRN or RN.  (please upload a copy of your license with your resume)
  • Demonstrated five (5) years of experience in mental health and/or homelessness services with one year of management experience.
  • Current Hawaii driver’s license and traffic abstract.
  • Personal vehicle with current safety check, registration and minimum no-fault insurance coverage.
  • Availability to work occasional evening and weekend shifts.

Candidates must display and/or demonstrate physical ability to:

  • Climb and/or walk up and down stairs and/or walkways, as well as traverse roadways, park-land, beaches and other natural topography
  • Sit for periods of up to 30 minutes at a time.
  • Walk and/or standing for up to 30 minutes at a time.
  • Lift, carry, pull and/or push items up to 30 pounds at a time and for short distances.  Such motions may include reasonable bending, stooping, reaching and twisting.

Starting Annual Pay: $71,500.00