Grant Writer & Communications Officer

May 02 2022
East Hawai'i Cultural Center |Hilo|Contract, $14,400 / year
Job Description

Scope of Work

To complete the tasks below, the contractor has authority to establish their priorities, hours, method of accomplishing work, and place of work, in consultation with the EHCC Board.


  TasksG​rant Writing

  1. Monitor all ongoing grant programs that tend to be suitable for EHCC applications, such as those administered by the State Foundation for Culture and the Arts, Hawai'i Council for the Humanities, Historic Hawai'i Foundation, Hawai'i Community Foundation, Atherton Foundation, County Council contingency funds, the County non-profit grant program (Waiwai), the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  2. Actively research new grant opportunities from foundations and businesses, both within the State of Hawai'i and nationally.
  3. Evaluate grant opportunities in terms of eligibility, consistency with EHCC mission, opportunity cost, likelihood of funding, and benefits/costs to EHCC if the grant is awarded. Based on these considerations and in consultation with the Executive Director, prioritize potential grant applications. With input from relevant program staff, write and submit professional quality grants for the most promising opportunities, including preparing budgets, obtaining commitment letters from collaborators, and all other materials required for submission.
  4. When appropriate, and in consultation with EHCC personnel, design innovative new programs and budgets that dovetail with funder requirements and contribute to EHCC’s mission.
  5. Maintain up-to-date electronic copies of all documentation and information frequently requested by grantors such as insurance and compliance certificates, IRS status, etc. Maintain up-to-date instructions and passwords for institutional access to all grantor portals.
  6. Maintain records of all grants including funder, program area, due date, amounts, why EHCC applied or didn’t apply, and notification dates. Upload all submitted grant documentation to EHCC’s Google Drive files.
  7. Serve as the liaison to granting institutions throughout the application process unless another EHCC representative is designated.
  8. Throughout each grant period, liaise with EHCC staff as needed to explain the rationale behind grant activities, allowable expenditures, and other matters related to properly fulfilling the terms of the grant.
  9. Submit all necessary progress and final reports associated with awarded grants.


TasksCommu​nications (NOTE: grant-writing duties take priority over these tasks)

  1. Assist with editing EHCC documents and writing press releases as assigned.
  2. Conduct an informal audit of EHCC communications and recommend/implement short-term improvements.
  3. Prepare a communications plan that lays out messaging, audiences, and channels, and that identifies responsibilities for carrying out the plan.
  4. Create an EHCC style guide.
  5. If it is determined that sufficient funding is available through a grant or private donation, coordinate with other EHCC staff and the Board to secure and oversee services to redesign EHCC’s website.

Allowable Hours

This contract is on a flat fee basis and payment will not vary from month to month regardless of the number of hours worked. It is expected that workload will vary substantially based on upcoming deadlines.



Required qualifications:

  • Demonstrated ability to write persuasively. Applicants should submit a minimum of two writing samples. Finalists may be asked to write a brief timed essay as part of their final interview.
  • Competent user of MS Word; basic spreadsheet skills adequate for creating budgets.
  • Able to work patiently, cheerfully, and reliably with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • History of reliable work performance, as evidenced by verifiable work accomplishments, references, or other means.
  • At least one contactable reference who can speak to the professional and/or personal qualities of the applicant.


Desirable qualifications:

  • Prior experience writing grants, editing, and/or managing communications activities.
  • Experience using social media for marketing or publicity purposes.
  • Previous involvement with EHCC as an active member, volunteer, and/or visitor.
  • Experience in one or more areas central to EHCC’s mission, such as visual or performing arts or work with youth.
  • Demonstrated ability to design programs.
  • Knowledgeable about East Hawai'i institutions and communities.


To apply

Send your cover letter and resume or CV to [email protected] by no later than May 27.