Home Health Aide/ PA2

Jun 07 2019
Maxicare- Link |Hilo|Part Time
Category: Healthcare
Job Description

Personal care services provided by a Home Health Aide (HHA), Personal care (PC), Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), or Nurse Assistant (NA) must be able to provide applicable skills competency in the delivery of services in the following health areas. All home health skills will be monitored and evaluated by a qualified Registered Nurse (RN) to assure proper orientation, skills, review, and follow-up training. These skills shall include, but not limited to the following categories:


  1. Personal Hygiene and grooming, including bathing, skin care, oral hygiene, hair care and dressing.
  2. Assistance with bowel and bladder care.
  3. Assistance with ambulating and mobility.
  4. Assistance with transfer.
  5. Assistance with medications; which are ordinarily self-administered when ordered by CLIENT’S physician.
  6. Assistance with routine or maintenance health care services by personal care provider with specific training, satisfactorily documented performance case manager consent and when ordered by CLIENT’S physician.
  7. Assistance with feeding, nutrition, meal preparation, and other dietary activities.
  8. Assistance with exercise, positioning, and range of motion.
  9. Taking and recording vital signs, including blood pressure.
  10. Measuring and recording intake and output when ordered.
  11. Collecting and testing specimens as directed.
  12. Special tasks or nursing care when delegated by registered nurse, for clients who have a medically stable condition and who require indirect nursing supervisor as defined in CHAPTER 16-89 HAWAII ADMINISTRATIVE RULES.
  13. Proper utilization and maintenance of client’s medical and adaptive equipment of supplies that need to be repaired or replenished.
  14. Reporting to assigned provider supervisor about changes in the client’s behavior, functioning, condition, or self-care abilities, which necessitates service.
  15. Maintaining documentation of observations and service provided.
  16. All other services negotiated between Maxicare-Link and health professionals, clients or family members that can be constructed as Home Health Aide’s skills and jo duties.