Homemaker/ Chore

Jun 07 2019
Maxicare- Link |Hilo|Part Time
Category: Healthcare
Job Description


Homemaker Services means any activities listed below where the individual who is normally responsible for himself, herself, or others, can no longer be performed by themselves. Thescope of Homemaker services that are needed to be performed FOR CLIENTS ONLY and not for other members in the household. These services include but not limited to these following routine household chores. 

  1. Routine house cleaning such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, making beds, cleaning toilet, and shower or bathtub, taking out the rubbish and trash.
  2. Care of clothing and linen by washing, drying, ironing and mending.
  3. Marketing and shopping for household supplies, and personal essentials.
  4. Simple home repairs, such as replacing the lightbulb, light yard work such as watering the plants.
  5. Prepare meals and snacks for clients
  6. Running errands, such as paying bills, picking up medication.
  7. Escort to clinicals, physician office visits, or the other trips for the purpose of obtaining treatment or meeting needs established in the service plan, when no other resources are available.
  8. Supervision of activities od daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, ambulation and transfer. (No hands-on assistance).
  9. Reporting and/or documenting observation and services provided including observation of client’s self-administered medications and treatments, as appropriate.
  10. Reporting to the assigned Provider supervisor or designee, observation about changes in the client’s behavior, functioning, condition, or self-care/home management abilities that necessitate service.
  11. All other services negotiated between Maxicare- link and client or family member that can be construed under Chore/Homemaker job duties.