Sep 23 2022
Job Description


CLOSING DATE:  October 13, 2022.

INQUIRIES:  Michael Waring 518-5960. 


Please apply directly on the RCUH website to be considered for this position.


Regular, Full-Time, RCUH Non-Civil Service position with the Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit (PCSU), and East Hawai’i Wildlife (EHW), located in Hilo on the island of Hawai’i. Continuation of employment is dependent upon program/operational needs, satisfactory work performance, availability of funds, and compliance with applicable Federal/State laws.


DUTIES:  Plans,coordinates,implements,and​managesthePCSUEHWProgram. Directs and manages field crew with minimal supervision, performingvarious resource management and monitoring activities. These include, but arenot limited to, collection and analysis of technical field data using standardizedmethods to collect information about distribution of native and alien plants andanimals,controllingalienplantswithchem​icalandmechanicalmeans,controlofferalanim​als,maintenanceandconstruction of fences, driving project vehicles to work sites, and other duties asassigned.Orders and maintains project equipment within program budget andwrites quarterly updates, annual reports and work plans. Supervises field staff. Oversees temporary hires and volunteers. Coordinates projects in propagating, outplanting, and monitoring native plants. Ensures that field operations follow andadheretoappropriatesafetyandoperationp​olicies/guidelines.Overseesresponsible and approved wildlife control methods (i.e., trapping, airguns, etc.) in rugged field environments.Records detailed field data and spatial information and inputs data into GlobalPositioning System (GPS) and computers for analysis.



Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four (4) yearcollege or university in Biology, Zoology, Botany, Conservation Biology,Environmental Science or in a Biological Science with at least two (2) non-introductorycoursesinBiology, Botany, Zoology, orEcology.


Atleasttwo(2)yearsofexperienceinfieldw​ork/datacollection related to conservation/natural resource protection.Atleastone(1)yearofsupervisory​experience. Must havepriorexperiencesupervisingpaidstaffan​dattendanceinsupervisorytrainingprograms.​


Knowledge of biology and Hawaiian natural history. Workingknowledge of word processing, database and spreadsheet applications.KnowledgeofGeographicInforma​tionSystems(GIS)andmappingprogramsand imagery.Workingknowledge ofsafe predator/ungulate control methods.


Ability to learn to recognize and correctly identifyapproximately 200 plants species.Ability to use map and compass tonavigate in dense forests.Ability to use GPS units to document rareelementlocationsandremotemonitoringpl​otsandtransects.Abilitytotakedetailed field notes and develop systems for data collection.Ability to leadfield assistants and volunteers and to coordinate field projects and datacollection. Ability to safely apply herbicides.Ability to construct, maintainand repair ungulate exclusion fences.Ability to hunt feral animals usingtraps and dogs.Ability to work independently. Must possess avalid driver’s license (and if use of personal vehicle on the job is required,mustalsohavevalidpersonaldriver​sinsuranceequivalenttoHawai‘i’sNo-F​aultDriver’sInsurance)andmaintainthroug​houtthedurationofemployment. Must be able to drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle with manualtransmission.


Post Offer/Employment Condition:  Must be able to pass a post offer criminal background check. Must possess the American Red CrossCertificationinFirstAid/CPRmaintainc​ertificationthroughoutdurationofemploymen​t.Mustbeabletocompletebasichelicoptersafe​tycourse (A100)withintwelve (12)monthsfromdateofhire.Mustcompletetheo​nlineHazardCommunication training immediately after hire or no later than employee’sinitialexposureto hazardous chemicals.


Able to lift up to sixty (60) poundsassisted.Ability to camp in remote areas for four to five (4-5) days in aweek.


As a condition of employment, employee will be subject to all applicable RCUH policies and procedures and, as applicable, subject to University of Hawai‘i’s and/or business entity's policies and procedures.  Violation of RCUH's, UH's, or business entity's policies and/or procedures or applicable State or Federal laws and/or regulations may lead to disciplinary action (including, but not limited to possible termination of employment, personal fines, civil and/or criminal penalties, etc.).


Previous experience propagating and outplantingnativeplants.Previousfieldwork​relatedtonaturalresourcesmanagementandcon​servationbiology,withemphasisonmonitoring​andmanagement of feral animals and nonnative plants in Hawai‘i.Experience withhunting proficiency.Knowledge of endangered species in Hawai‘i.Knowledge oftheEHWProgram.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Please go to www.rcuh.com and click on “Job Postings.” You must submit the following documents online to be considered for the position: 1) Cover Letter, 2) Resume, 3) Supervisory References, 4) Copy of Degree(s)/Transcript(s)/Certificate(s). All online applications must be submitted/received by the closing date (11:59 P.M. Hawai‘i Standard Time/RCUH receipt time) as stated on the job posting. If you do not have access to our system and the closing date is imminent, you may send additional documents to [email protected] If you have questions on the application process and/or need assistance, please call (808)956-7262 or (808)956-0872. 

RCUH’s mission is to support and enhance research, development and training in Hawai‘i, with a focus on the University ofHawai‘i.


We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age, national origin, disability status, genetic information, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.