Plant Quarantine Inspector I

Feb 10 2018
Job Description

Recruitment Information

Recruitment Number 218061 - Shift Work - Hilo, Island of Hawaii Employment Only. $3,411.00 - $5,053.00 Monthly


Note: The starting monthly salary is at the minimum rate of pay advertised above.


Duties Summary

Serve in a trainee capacity; receive on-and-off-the-job training in the principles, concepts, work processes, laws, rules, regulations and technical and scientific reference material fundamental to the plant quarantine program; and perform other related duties as assigned.

Note: Applicants must be willing and able to work rotating shifts, including evenings, weekends and holidays.


Minimum Qualification Requirements

To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Education: Graduati​on from an accredited four-year college or university with a bachelor's degree in one of the following areas:

A. Major in Entomology – the education must have included but is not limited to the knowledge of the general life cycle and habits of insects; characteristics of insects, inter-relationships between insect species, role of insects as vectors of human, animal, or plant diseases, beneficial and destructive insects, insect diseases, host-pest relationships, and methods of detecting and controlling insect pests. In addition, the background must indicate ability to identify insects at least down to family and in various stages of the life cycle, identify symptoms of insect damage and disease, identify common hosts of insect pests, and apply methods of control and prevent the spread of insect pests.

B. Major in Plant Pathology – the education must have included but is not limited to the knowledge of characteristics of plants, plant diseases, role of insects as vectors of plant disease, host-plant relationships, microorganisms and their relationship to plant diseases, agronomy, methods of controlling and preventing plant diseases. It also requires the ability to identify plants and plant parts, recognize abnormal plant conditions, recognize symptoms of plant diseases, and apply methods to control and prevent the spread of plant diseases.

C. Major in Biological or Agricultural Science – the education must have included course work in entomology and botany. Applicants must have completed at least one course in each area. To be creditable, the focus and content of the course must have been substantively devoted to the subject area. The course work must have included but is not limited to the basic knowledge of the life cycle of insects; characteristics of insects and plants; methods of controlling and preventing the spread of insect pests and plant diseases; and the relationship of insects, plants and animals to each other and bacteria, fungi, virus and other living organisms. It must also indicate the ability to identify plants and insects; apply basic methods of controlling insect pests and plant diseases; identify plant diseases, abnormal plant conditions and common insect pests.

In addition, for all the areas described above, the education background must also demonstrate the ability to write clear and comprehensive reports and other documents; read and interpret complex written material; perform basic arithmetical computations; and solve complex problems logically and systematically.

License: You must possess a valid driver's license at the time of appointment.

Physical Ability: Applicants must be able to lift and carry objects weighing up to 40 pounds unassisted, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Federal Criminal History Records Check: In accordance with Federal regulations, persons who are being considered for employment in positions which require unescorted access to secured areas at the airport must undergo a pre-employment fingerprint-based criminal history record check. In order to be granted the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) clearance, prospective employees must not have been convicted, or found "not guilty by reason of insanity," of a disqualifying criminal offense within 10 years from the date of the application. Upon recommendation for hire, prospective employees will be required to successfully undergo the fingerprint-based criminal history record check and be found free of disqualifying convictions during the preceding ten years. The cost for the records check will be the applicant's responsibility.

For more information about this recruitment, including information of how to apply, please visit:​/hawaii/jobs/1969292/plant-quarantine-ins​pector-i-sr-16-hawaii-island


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