Resident Manager

Jul 12 2021
Big Island Housing Foundation |Hilo|Full Time, $17.00 - $20.00 / hour
Job Description

This position is for a 74 unit multi-family apartment building in Hilo.

The Resident Manager will be the first line of contact between tenants and management and is the primary entity responsible for day to day management of the property.

The Resident Manager will have the following responsibilities and duties:

Tenant Move-In/Out Activities.  The Resident Manager shall inspect units prior to move-in/out, record, file and transmit condition reports, determine repair requirements, direct repairs, provide costs to the property management office, establish move-in/out dates in conjunction with the property management office.

Supervision of Site Employees.  The Resident Manager shall exercise day to day supervision of all site employees, contractors and vendors.  The Resident Manager shall be responsible for the proper delivery of services, goods and materials to the property.

Routine and Preventive Maintenance.  The Resident Manager shall be responsible for the delivery of routine and preventive maintenance services to the property.

Purchasing.  As directed, the Resident Manager shall solicit written and verbal proposals and quotations for services, goods and materials.  The Resident Manager shall document its activities pursuant to company policies and procedures.

Reporting.  The Resident Manager shall compile and provide such reports on project activities as may be required by the company.  Monthly maintenance activity and vacancy reports shall be prepared and submitted.  Additionally, incidence or exception reports may be provided as necessary.

Budgets.  The Resident Manager shall be the initial source for work plans and budgeting and shall submit recommendations for capital improvements to prepare an annual budget.

Collections.  The Resident Manager will make initial collections contact and will deliver notices and conduct such follow-up activities as may be indicated.

Tenant Relations.  A significant duty of the Resident Manager will be to receive and attempt to resolve tenant complaints.  Tenant problems and concerns with management and the property will be addressed first by the Resident Manager.  Situations that are not resolved will be referred to the property management office.  

Other Duties.  The Resident Manager shall be familiar with the Lease and House Rules and have a general understanding of how subsidized properties work.  It is the primary responsibility of the Resident Manager to enforce the provisions of the Lease and House Rules and to issue violation notices if and when necessary to ensure that all tenants are in compliance with these regulations.  All tenants are to be treated in a fair and equal manner.   Maintain inventory controls, attend tenant/community meetings, maintain petty cash accounts, maintain key security and controls, coordinate or assist in such activities as Neighborhood Watch and other related activities.

Residential Requirements.  The Resident Manager will reside at the Property.  The Resident Manager is always on call and must (to a reasonable extent) answer their cell phone.  Resident Managers must be aware that the job requires them to be available to tenants for emergency problems 24 hours a day although they may not be “working”.  

The Resident Manager will maintain regular office hours which shall be posted in conspicuous places on site.  The office hours are defined as the times when the office is open and/or the Resident Manager is on site and working.  The time frame may include doing tasks such as conducting move in/ out inspections, annual inspections, meeting with tenants and other activities, cleaning a unit to make it rent ready and/or doing site work.  If the office is not physically opened, tenants shall be informed of the location of the Resident Manager (what unit the Resident Manager can be found in) if the tenants need to reach the Resident Manager immediately.  The office hours are 6 hours per day, Monday thru Friday.

Skills and Qualifications.  High school degree or equivalency.  General office skills.  Basic computer skills or a capacity to be trained in applications.  A general knowledge of basic maintenance skills (carpentry, plumbing, painting, and electrical) that will provide minor maintenance on site.  Major repairs shall be done by maintenance staff or other vendors (licensed plumbers, electricians, etc.).  Ability to evaluate conditions, determine required repairs, identify materials required, estimate time requirements and complete the indicated work.  Possess a valid drivers license.  Ability to give and follow oral and written instructions, follow procedures and communicate effectively.  Have a clean criminal history that would be acceptable to the property management company.  Security or policing background desired but not required.

Salary and Benefits Considerations.  Dependent on experience.

Additional compensation may be granted following a new employee’s completion of the initial probationary period.


Other site benefits.  Resident Managers receive a rent free unit to live in.  Additional electricity, water, phone land line, cell phone and computer (if possible) are provided for the Resident manager’s/site usage.