ACI Participant (Part Time) - KOOLAU Distillery, Apprentice Distiller

Nov 04 2020
Aloha Connects Innovation Program - Hawaii Island |Honolulu|Part Time, $22.00 - $25.00 / hour
Job Description

Apprentice distiller:

Trained Distillers possess a high demand skill set than includes but is not limited to the following. 

-       Properly loading and operating a Reflux still to produce distilled grain spirits

-       Properly separate methanol, acetate, ethanol, and fusil oils

-       Proof distilled spirits with a precision hydrometer

-       Properly prepare grain for mashing process (measuring and grinding)

-       Introduce and manage enzymes during the mashing process

-       Conduct yeast propagation management

-       Monitor and manage fermentation of whiskey batches

-       Prepare mashes for distillation portion by straining all solid particulates

-       Properly operate a water chiller

-       Have a working knowledge of electrical components and ability to make field repairs

-       Have a working knowledge of plumbing basics and ability to make repairs

-       Properly bring new make distillate to barrel proof for ageing

-       Properly bring barrel proof whiskey to retail proof for bottling

-       Properly access whiskey for clarity, content, flavor profile, viscosity, and finish

-       Properly clean a still, fermentation barrels, transfers pumps, and mashing equipment

-       Properly record all production aspects required by the Tax and Trade Bureau 

An apprentice distiller intern at KO’OLAU Distillery will achieve proficiency in the above mentioned skills.  Instruction will be via a mentor/mentee method.  Position will involve about 20 hours a week
 There is work from home flexibility.