Corporate Advanced Analyst I (Data Scientist)

Sep 20 2022
Hawaii Medical Service Association |Honolulu|Full Time, $62,720 / year
Category: Healthcare
Job Description

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Job Summary

Works independently with internal and external customers to clearly articulate and define business problem(s) to be solved; reviews data sources and preps needed data; performs required analysis; applies accepted statistical methodologies where applicable; documents the process that was followed and data sources/tools used; ensures results have been validated (statistically, if necessary); and prepares/presents findings that are informative and audience appropriate to drive decision making across various levels of the organization.


Minimum Qualifications
  1. Bachelor's degree and four years of related experience or two years of Healthcare Analytics experience; or an equivalent combination of education and related work experience.
  2. Strong oral and written communicate skills.
  3. Strong understanding of data (types, content reliability, etc.).
  4. Strong problem solving and data collection, analysis, and interpretation.
  5. Strong understanding/use of dashboards, data visualization tools, and advanced and custom graphics.
  6. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office applications. Including but not limited to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
  7. Proficiency with OLAP tools and databases.
  8. Knowledge of one or more of the following: SQL, R or SAS/SPSS.


Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Advanced Analytics and Technical Expertise:
    • Performs data analysis to address complex business questions, applies data programming and statistical methodologies where applicable. Documents and communicates data strategies, analytic methods and results, and findings and impacts.
      • Determines what kind of analytics will be performed (descriptive, predictive, prescriptive) and defines/documents overall framework.
      • Where appropriate, applies linear regression (correlation, contingency table, ANOVA, inference, chi-square, t-test) and/or time series methods (data set-up, conversions, trends, decomposition, models, forecasts, confidence).
      • Utilizes appropriate tools to load, integrate, and analyze data.
      • Conducts analysis and documents findings, identifies unexpected anomalies and root cause (if possible) and determines if analysis can continue, identifies alternatives if anomalies cannot be resolved
      • Ensures reproducibility of outcomes.
      • Documents entire analysis process, including business problem, data sources, methods and tools used, project reference, and outcomes.
      • Implements pre-emptive actions, where possible.
  2. Data Management:
    • Reviews data sources and preps needed data.
      • Identifies existing and new data sources.
      • Performs data prototyping, if necessary, to agree what data can/not be used.
      • Preps data for use in analysis, goes back to source if problems are found, and identifies other options/alternatives if problems cannot be resolved.
      • Performs review of data to ensure completeness/accuracy/timeliness for the purpose of the analysis.
      • Ensures existing, approved, corporate tools used can accept/integrate the data.
    • Where necessary (and if practical to be done within the delivery timeframe of a project), facilitates the identification and use of new tools and works with the Technical Review Committee to authorize its use.
  3. Project Definition and Coordination:
    • Lead meetings with internal and external customers to clearly articulate and define business problem(s) of medium/high complexity and impact (department/function specific, external customer centric, or part of a corporate project).
      • Types of projects include descriptive and predictive analytics.
      • Applies a whole company perspective, draws upon previous knowledge and experience, and -- where necessary -- researches new/other approaches to identify and agree upon objectives, approach, and success measures.
      • Works with customer to submit appropriate paperwork (ISS, TPDR, etc.) and ensures necessary agreements are in place for external customers.
      • Defines delivery milestones and negotiates timeframes, monitors progress, and periodically notifies customer of status.
  4. Effective Communication:
    • Works primarily with department heads or function leads to prepare/present findings that are informative and audience appropriate
      • Reviews findings and outcomes with customer, ensures business problem/objectives have been met, and prepares documentation of the analysis
      • Where necessary, manage divergent views in the audience and advises the internal/external customer on any recommendations or options that will facilitate data and analysis driven decision making.
      • Prepares a presentation of the analysis, process followed, and reviews it with the customer to ensure the results are audience appropriate.
  5. Other Duties/Functions:
    • Performs all other miscellaneous responsibilities and duties as assigned or directed.
      • Trains others on MicroStrategy and Excel.
      • Functions as a team player within the department and embodies collaboration. 




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Equal Opportunity Employer – Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled