Day Stocker/Custodian

Mar 25 2021
Network Enterprises, Inc. |Honolulu|Part Time, $14.76 / hour
Job Description


!          Complies with the Employment Rules established for Hickam Commissary.

!          Responds to code “25s” within five minutes.  Cleans up spills or items of broken merchandise, or other unsafe unsanitary conditions in the Main Commissary within 5 minutes of notification by the Commissary Government personnel.

!          Walks the floors between shelf stocking and code “25s” tasks to ensure floors are kept dry, clean and free of coupons, debris, etc.

!          Checks restrooms every 1 hour, ensuring trash receptacles are emptied, paper products and soap are replenished as necessary.

!          Determines shelf stocking priorities.               ​

!          Ensures empty shelf spaces are filled first and that some units of all available line items are on the shelf for patron selection.

!          Opens cases, replenishes and stocks shelves with velocity/demand items, within 30 minutes after merchandise is made available in the designated areas.

!          Shelves and rotates merchandise by date, if applicable, using the first in-first out method of stocking.

!          Ensures shelved merchandise are properly fronted and faced.

!          Carries and lifts cartons of merchandise to be stocked.

!          Breaks down empty boxes in Commissary receiving/storage or backup holding areas.

!          Stock special displays.

!          Repairs merchandise labels, if necessary.

!          Removes cardboard generated by the day stocking effort.

!          Responsible for taking 30 minutes unpaid break during slow periods

!          Courteously refers Commissary patrons to Commissary Government personnel for assistance.

!          Ensures “cage” door or networks office door is locked when outside on the sales floor.

!          Returns un-refrigerated, misplaced or un-purchased merchandise to their appropriate shelf locations.

!          Removes refrigerated, misplaced or un-purchased merchandise to the area designated by the Commissary Officer.

!          Picks up un-purchased, patron selections which are left at the checkout stands and returns to appropriate locations.

!          Removes merchandise left in shopping carts by patrons to their appropriate locations, as long as no damage or thawing is evident.

!          Places damaged items in their proper damage control location.

!          Cleans up spills or items of broken merchandise, or other unsafe unsanitary conditions in the Main Commissary within 5 minutes of notification by the Commissary Government personnel.

!          Commencing 1 hour after the opening of the store, checks restrooms every 2 hours at a minimum to empty trash receptacles to prevent overflow.

!          Replenishes paper products and soap to prevent outages.

!          Removes debris and litter from floors and furnishings.

!          Spot cleans floors to maintain safe and sanitary conditions

!          On Main Commissary holidays, cleans entrance, exit, front end and sales floor areas of the Mini-Com.

!          Replaces light bulbs as required.

!          Reports facility and equipment defects to the Commissary Officer.

!          In inclement weather, spot cleans entrance, vestibule, ID, cart storage, exit, front end and sales floor.

!          Other duties as assigned or required.


!          Frequently indoors under regular commissary, warehouse conditions.

!          Frequently exposed to refrigerated, air-conditioned areas.

!          Seldom exposed to extreme heat, cold, fumes, noxious odors, mold, gases or poor ventilation.

!          Frequent use of box cutter, spray cleaner, rag, duster, scotch tape, step stool, hand trucks, carts.

!          Frequent use of mops, brooms, cleaning solutions.

WORK HOURS:       

!          Flexible: between 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

!          Flexible work hours and days including weekends, holidays.

!          Includes one-half hour, unpaid meal break.


!          Provided by self.


!          Comfortable, clean long pants, NEi shirt uniform, covered safety-toe shoes.


!          $14.76 per hour.


!          Continuous attention to detail and concentration while shelving, dusting, displaying.

!          Continuous observation skills, decision-making skills, evaluation skills

!          Frequently receiving and following instructions.

!          Frequent communication with Commissary Government Personnel.

!          Frequent communication with Commissary Patrons.


!          Frequently lifts and carries 30-35 lbs, occasionally overhead.

!          Continuous bending, kneeling, squatting, standing for long periods.

!          Continuous balancing, walking, reaching, fingering, handling, lifting.

!          Frequent climbing.

!          Continuous use of corrected vision, depth perception, color vision, reading, wide ranges of vision.

!          Seldom requires running.

!          Frequent pushing and pulling of merchandise



!          Able to read at an eighth grade level.

!          Able to effectively communicate and interact courteously and tactfully with Authority figures and the general public.

!          Able to listen well and consistently follow through with instructions.

!          Able to work effectively and efficiently, independent of an On-site Supervisor.

!          Able to perform work assignments systematically, neatly, or in sequential order.

!          Able to perform repetitive shelving tasks.

!          Able to evaluate, observe and make sound decisions.

!          Able to perform shelf tasks neatly.

!          Able to practice safe work habits.

!          Skilled in working effectively with hands.

!          Good coordination.

!          Able to respond quickly to emergencies and spontaneous requests.

!          Able to behave professionally.

!          Able to comply with Employment rules and regulations.

!          Able to provide quality cleaning.

Education and Training and Experience:

!          Basic schooling/education

!          Shelf stocking and custodial experience preferred.

!          Customer Service experience preferred.