Digital Integrator

Jun 18 2022
Olelo Community Media |Honolulu|Full Time
Job Description

The Digital Integrator is responsible for the day-to-day management of administrative digital integration across all digital platforms and social media accounts.  The DI will maintain various social media sitesto provide a cohesive and seamless social media presence.  The DI will provide weekly Director updates and is responsible for maintaining specific reporting data on a periodically basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually ).  DI assists/mentorsmultiple administrators to become successful independent social media engagement through one-to-on and group training and mentoring.  Training and Mentoring would not be limited to the Engagement Services Department, includes assistance/mentoring company wide.  The complementary tasks for this position are training of specific Non-Profit Organizations so that may have greater online, community and organizational impact.  Through a means of training and mentoring, the DI would be responsible for producing social media materials for specific projects, these posts will need to be formatted to various versions to accommodate diverse engagement platforms.