Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Travel Epidemiologist

Nov 23 2022
Job Description



State of Hawaii

Department of Health

Disease Outbreak Control Division

Disease Investigation Branch

Downtown, Oahu


Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC)

(Infectious Disease Monitoring, Surveillance and Analysis)



$68,544 per year, salary commensurate with training & experience


Exempt, non-civil service, temporary, full-time appointment.  The primary purpose of this position is to study the distribution and determinants of travel-related states and events in particular populations as they relate to infectious disease pathogens and to apply this study to the control of health problems in this subject area.  The position will produce data for decision-making and for detecting, understanding, controlling, and preventing infectious disease pathogens in the ravel population, including emerging pathogens of public health concern.



Minimum Qualification


Education & Experience:  Master's Degree in Epidemiology or a Master’s Degree in a health-related field for which the candidate completed and passed at least three (3) epidemiological methods courses, one of which must be an advanced level, and at least two (2) biostatistics courses requiring mastery of large datasets and analyses using a statistical software set.  Each qualifying course should have fulfilled a minimum of (2) credit hours. 


Knowledge:  Principles, practices, and techniques of epidemiology analysis; principles and practices of public health and public administration, including the general organization, functions, services, and objectives of public health programs; public health and medical research methods and techniques, including analysis of risk factors; statistical analysis methodology; human and environmental biology and behavioral sciences and principles; community and medical resources; and principles of disease causation. Knowledge of the etiology, treatment, control, and prevention for non-influenza respiratory infections; medical and epidemiologic aspects of diseases; and characteristics of populations.  Thorough knowledge of the basic principles and methods for surveillance and investigation.  Knowledge of testing methodology, techniques, and precautions in the collection, preparation, recording and transporting of various clinical specimens.  Working knowledge of resources available in the diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases.


Skills/Abilities:  Evaluate the relative importance of areas of research; critical thinking; plan, direct, coordinate, and evaluate the work of others; plan, conduct, and evaluate public health epidemiologic research and advise others in these activities; prepare program and budget plans; evaluate program operations; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; speak and write English effectively, including effective public speaking; prepare clear, concise, and comprehensive reports; and work under pressure and challenging or unusual conditions.


License:  Valid State of Hawaii driver’s license is preferred.


Travel may be required.


Who May Apply


LEGAL AUTHORIZATION TO WORK REQUIREMENT:  The State of Hawaii requires that all persons seeking employment with the government of the State shall be citizens, nationals, or permanent resident aliens of the United States, or eligible under federal law for unrestricted employment in the United States.


How to Apply


Submit completed State of Hawai`i Application for Non-Civil Service Appointment with original signature, resume, and salary requirements to:


Department of Health

Disease Investigation Branch PO BOX 3378

Honolulu, Hawaii 96801-3378

Attn:  Myra Ching-Lee


Recruitment is continuous until needs are met for position #123891.


Application packet at:   https://health.hawaii.gov/employ​ment/job-opportunities/    


Other Information


For additional information, you may Myra Ching-Lee, at (808) 586-4586.


This is a temporary, non-civil service exempt position. Employment in such positions is considered to be “at will.”


This is a 12-month appointment, federally funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Cooperative Agreement for the budget period beginning August 1, 2019.  Non-competitive continuing applications for this position are available through the end of a five-year grant period, ending July 31, 2024.


The mission of the Department of Health is to protect and improve the health and environment for all people in Hawaii. HDOH supports a diverse-multicultural workforce that reflects the community, promotes equal opportunity at all levels, and creates an inclusive work environment, free from discrimination.


As a condition of employment with the State of Hawai’i, all new hires must comply with the COVID-19 vaccination requirement.  The COVID-19 vaccination policy can be found at the top of the DOH Internet/Job Opportunities page:  https://health.hawaii.gov/employment/job-​opportunities/   


An Equal Opportunity Employer