Evening Boiler - 1PM -9 PM

Apr 29 2024
Sun Noodle |Honolulu|Full Time, $20.00 - $23.00 / hour
Category: Manufacturing
Job Description

The Cookroom Boiler Operator produces and cooks’ noodles in boiler/steamer machines.




All employees are expected to govern their activities and behavior by the rules of conduct in their relations with the company, fellow employees, supervisors, and customers. The following list of responsibilities is not intended as a complete and exhaustive list, and management has the right to modify or add to the list as appropriate.

  • Operates steamer (yakisoba line), boiling line, steam-box and other equipment used in the processing of cooked noodles
  • Operation should be performed as instructed which includes turning the steam-box on and off, adjusting the speed, setting the time and the temperature
  • Rinses down yakisoba & boiling line at start of operation and between changeovers to clean and remove any remnants from the prior run before continuing production
  • Checks and reports any abnormalities of the equipment
  • Checks & records water temperature, ensures that it is within specifications
  • Feeds dough to yakisoba & boiling line to be cut, portioned & cooked
  • Fills tempering compartment of boiling line with ice to maintain proper cooling temperature
  • Transports products from cook room to steam-box and/or refrigerator
  • Completes required logs for documentation which includes products produced, output, time, temperatures, workers involved (packers), etc
  • Ensures surround work area is clean, organized, clutter-free & safe


  • High School Diploma or GED preferred
  • Able to stand for extended periods of time
  • Able to lift 50 pounds on a continuous basis
  • Use a pallet jack to transfer noodle product throughout the facility
  • Understand and able to carry out verbal and written instructions
  • Maintain a cooperative working relationship with co-workers