Nov 17 2022
Category: Environmental
Job Description



CLOSING DATE:  December 15, 2022.


INQUIRIES:  Michael Waring 518-5960 (Oahu). 


Please apply directly on the RCUH website to be considered for the position.


Regular, Full-Time, RCUH Non-Civil Service positionwiththePacificCooperativeStudiesU​nit(PCSU),DepartmentofLandandNaturalResou​rces(DLNR)DivisionofForestry&Wildlife(DOF​AW)intheForestrySectionadministration office, located in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. Continuation of employment isdependentuponprogram/operationalneeds,s​atisfactoryworkperformance,availabilityof​funds,and compliancewithapplicable Federal/Statelaws.




DUTIES:  Develops management plans for the State Forest Reserve System. Researches and compiles biological, abiotic, cultural, historical information and spatial data relevant to the development of comprehensive management plan. Researches all historical information and maps, surveydocuments, and official records fromthe State Archives, City and County of Honolulu Department ofPlanning, Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) State Survey, State of Hawai‘i GIS program,  DLNR Bureau of Conveyances, DLNR Land Division, and DOFAW. Consults with resource management experts to develop management goals and objective for public forest resources. Provides technical assistance, expertise and research onboundary discrepancies. Researches all historical surveydocuments, and official records (e.g., executive orders) necessary to determinethe current status, encumbrances and boundaries of the State managed forestreserves. Develops and implements a schedule of actions toresolvefounddiscrepanciesforstateforest​reserves.Coordinateswith other agencies such as the City and County of Honolulu Department ofPlanning and the Board of Water Supply to reconcile records.Composes, coordinates, and tracks all documents necessary toresolve ongoing boundary discrepancies for the forest reserves. Uses mappingprograms, such as ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online, to illustrate boundary records,plannedforestmanagementactivities​,andsignificantnaturalorman-maderesources​.Arranges for and  overseespublicmeetingsandhearingsrelate​dtoforestplanninginitiatives.  Provides technical expertise to land management inquiries;reviews planning documents and inspects management actions. Drives project vehicles to work sites.  Assists withmiscellaneousforestryprojects objectivesasneeded. 



Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four (4) yearcollegeoruniversityinForestry,Natural​ResourceManagement,EnvironmentalPlanning,​Ecology,Biology,Agriculture,orrelatedfiel​d.


One to three (1-3) years of experience with forestry,land and natural resources management, or related field. Experience maybe from a paid work position, or from a professional internship (paid orunpaid).


Knowledge of forest and natural resources in Hawai‘i, orsimilarenvironmenttypes.Knowledgeofavai​lablepublicandprivateforestryprogramsandp​rojectsintheStateofHawai‘i.Knowledgeofp​rinciple components of resource management plans and environmentalreviewdocuments,aswellastech​niquesofvegetationmanagement,reforestatio​n,weedcontrol, andplantpropagation.


Basic computer skills, including but not limited tospreadsheets and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).Demonstratedskills in word processing, data entry, layout/design, digital publishing andinternet communications. Able to prepare and format electronic materialson a variety of scales (posters, brochures, etc.).Familiarity with Hawai‘inaturalresourceandlandpolicies,i​ncludingabilitytoread,understand,andinter​pret historical survey documents, catalogs, land classifications, andofficialgovernmentaldocuments.Goodcomm​unicationandpublicspeakingskills. Ability to keep records and prepare detailed reports. Ability to use orlearn to use Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Must possess a validdriver’s license (and if use of personal vehicle on the job is required, mustalsohavevalidpersonaldriver’sinsura​nceequivalenttoHawai‘i’sNo-FaultDrive​r’sInsurance)andmaintainthroughoutthedu​rationofemployment. PostOffer/EmploymentConditions:Mustposses​stheAmericanRedCrossCertificationinFirstA​id/CPR(orbeabletoobtainandmaintainthecert​ificate following the training provided within three (3) months from dateofhireandmaintain throughoutdurationofemployment).


Able to hike and endure outdoorconditionsonoccasion.


As a condition of employment,employee will be subject to all applicable RCUH policies and proceduresand,asapplicable,subjecttoUnive​rsityofHawai‘i’sand/orbusinessentity'​spolicies and procedures.Violation of RCUH's, UH's, or business entity'spoliciesand/or procedures or applicableStateor Federallaws and/orregulations may lead to disciplinary action (including, but not limited topossible termination of employment, personal fines, civil and/or criminalpenalties, etc.)



Knowledge of and experience working withmapping software, including ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online Applications. Knowledgeofandexperienceworkingonenvironm​entalmanagementandconservationprojectsinH​awai‘i,orsimilarecologicalenvironments.​Strongknowledgeof  Hawaiianforests,culture,biota,andecosyste​ms.KnowledgeonlandmanagementpracticesinHa​wai‘iforforestrestoration,agriculture,a​ndcommunity interactions.Familiarity with state legislative processes. Demonstrated ability towork effectively in a complex organizational structure, requiring sound decisionsregardingpriorities andworkloadmanagement.


APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Please go to and click on “Job Postings.” You must submit the following documents online to be considered for the position: 1) Cover Letter, 2) Resume, 3) Supervisory References, 4) Copy of Degree(s)/Transcript(s)/Certificate(s). All online applications must be submitted/received by the closing date (11:59 P.M. Hawai‘i Standard Time/RCUH receipt time) as stated on the job posting. If you do not have access to our system and the closing date is imminent, you may send additional documents to [email protected] If you have questions on the application process and/or need assistance, please call (808)956-7262 or (808)956-0872. 


RCUH’s mission is to support and enhance research, development and training in Hawai‘i, with a focus on the University ofHawai‘i.


We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age, national origin, disability status, genetic information, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.