Facility Manager

Feb 08 2021
Lunalilo Home |Honolulu|Full Time, $45,000 - $45,500 / year
Job Description


Facility Manager is responsible for the maintenance of Lunalilo Home and its immediate property.   Duties include but not limited to managing any refurbishments, renovations and office moves to make sure they all run smoothly and according to plan.  General upkeep and maintenance of buildings and other property (including but not limited to fleet vehicles, appliances, and other equipment) to ensure that they meet health and safety standards and other essential requirements. Manage the cleaning, waste disposal, on site prevention, while managing the budgets and keeping records of all payments.


·         Under the direction of the Executive Director, oversees maintenance staff and outside contractors who do work related to repairs or maintenance of facility which includes the building, grounds or other agency property.

·         Oversees and teaches general repairs not requiring professional assistance with maintenance staff.

·         Inspects interior and exterior walls, ceilings, roofs, accoutrements, drainage, driveways, roads, electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, appliances, equipment, furniture and agency vehicles to ensure proper operation.  Addresses corrections, as needed with Chief Executive Officer.  Establishes and coordinates maintenance schedules.

·         Maintains a regular schedule for servicing and maintenance of fleet vehicles.

·         Actively works to promote and support unit team including attending and participating in all mandatory unit meetings and other functions.

·         Attendance and support at necessary events to include fundraising, golf tournament, evening and weekend events. 

·         Responsible in fulfilling all risk management and safety requirements.

·         Responds to and documents any concerns, complaints, grievances made by any community member or neighbor.  Reports all incidents to the CEO with recommendations.

·         Assists Lunalilo Home staff, as requested, in identifying, reporting, and potentially prosecuting repeat trespassers.

·         Ensure Facility Manager’s trash and recyclables are stored and disposed of appropriately. 

·         Comply with the employee rules, policies, and procedures outlined in Lunalilo Home’s Employee Handbook

·         Planning and execution of major repairs and capital improvements to Lunalilo Home/Ali`i Trust facility to include:

·         Decision making in the prioritization of facility maintenance and repair work

·         Onsite management of staff on facility maintenance and repair jobs  

·         Engaging contractors and service providers

·         Oversite of bid process, contract review, trade license verification, scope of work, payment schedules and other contractor and contract related issues including selection of contractors 

·         Physical labor

·         Communication and coordination with onsite facility staff, management and fiscal

·         Cost estimating and budgeting

·         Use of technology to support various tasks

·         Use of technology/electronic database to maintain and update inventory

·         Dealing effectively with unanticipated facility issues 

·         Maintain overall indoor and outdoor aesthetics and landscaping of the site’s facility.

·         Other duties as assigned. 


Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  1. High School graduate or GED and able to effectively communicate, both orally and written                 ​           
  2. Knowledge of Native Hawaiian culture and values.
  3. Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds and age groups.
  4. Ability to handle crisis situations in a calm manner and follow Crisis Protocol.
  5. Self-directed, reliable and motivated.
  6. Must know basic principles and standards of health, hygiene, sanitation, and safety and be knowledgeable of rules/regulations and laws with emphasis on those affecting departmental operations, i.e. OSHA, infection control, hazardous wastes, etc.

Job Requirements:

  • Personal vehicle and current driver’s license
  • Use of computer
  • Personal e-mail account for daily communication
  • Personal cellular phone
  • Be able to work on weekday nights and weekends
  • Ability to lift and carry objects with a minimum weight of 50 lbs.

·         Must meet all local health regulations, and pass post-employment physician exam and TB clearance.  The requirement also includes criminal background and Adult Protective Service (APS) investigation, Drug Test, CPR & First Aid Certification and reference inquiry.

·         Valid driver’s license and driver abstract


This job description is current at the date below but will be reviewed on an annual basis and subject to change.