Food Services Worker - Hickam

Feb 06 2024
Lanakila Pacific |Honolulu|Full Time, $17.20 / hour
Job Description

Our team of Food Service Workers is responsible for safely performing food attendant services and providing quality customer service at the Hickam Hale Aina Dining Facility as described in the Performance Work Statement of the federal Hickam AFB Mess Attendant Services contract.  Our Food Service Workers support the mission, vision, and values of the organization, and uphold and enforce the guidelines and policies of the organizationand demonstrate Lanakila Pacific’s values of teamwork, excellence, achievement, and motivation in all personal interactions and exemplify Lanakila’s STAR service standards. 



Position Specific Duties:

Food Service Worker:

· Performs duties at various workstations:

  • Line Server: Set up hot and cold food serving stations; serve customers proper sized portions at sufficient rates; remove or refill hot and cold food items; Communicate with cooks, food runners, supervisors when food items get low or run out; properly store and label food items; and change pans as instructed by Supervisors.
  • Dining Room: Clean salad and beverage bar areas and clean spills immediately. Clean tables after customer use. Refill napkin, straw, toothpick, and other food service dispensers. Cut, pan or plate pastries and desserts.  Prepare food items for serving or further cooking. 
  • Dish Room/Pots and Pans: Run automatic dishwasher and refill chemicals as needed. Pre-wash, scrub, sort, separate, and put away dishes and utensils, pots, and pans. Clean scullery grease trap as needed. Clean/de-scale dishwashers.
  • Sanitation/Custodial: Sweep, vacuum, and/or mop flooring, deck scrubbing tile and concrete floors. Empty trash cans and deposit trash in appropriate receptacles, replace trash liners neatly. Clean trash bins and lids- inside and out. Clean ground level interior and exterior glass windows and doors. Clean walls. Police grounds for trash and debris. Re-stock paper products, soap, and refill dispensers.
  • · Obtains prepared foods from the government cooks and makes food and subsistence available throughout the entire meal period.
  • · Sets up trays in tray assembly line, glasses, silverware, butter, condiments, salads, desserts, bread and hot and cold beverages on trays according to standard practice.  Sets up tray line stations with hot and cold foods.
  • · Serves food to patrons in standard portions (unless otherwise requested) at a flow rate of 100 patrons every 30 minutes through the serving lines.
  • · Ensures that food containers contain adequate food throughout the meal period and that proper serving line temperature is maintained.  Ensures that carryout containers are available for customers.
  • · Prepares coffee, washes, peels, chops, cut and dices food according to standard practices.
  • · Prepares fresh fruits and vegetables includes washing and cleaning prior to serving.
  • · Prepares food for cooking such as panning meats, breaking eggs, preparing sandwiches for grilling and omelet filling preparation, and making sandwiches requested by customers.  Prepare foods (that are cooked by the government) for general consumption to ensure the availability of bread for toast, waffles, ice cream (soft serve or frozen) and meat carving. 
  • · Follows standard practices to rotate inventory promoting first-in/first-out issue.  Store food according to standard practice.
  • · Sets up cafeteria lines, steam tables, side service stands, beverage service areas, dining room tables, etc.  Carefully pushes tray carts throughout various facility areas and carries trays directly into rooms according to standard practice.



  • · Performs cashier duties as directed, maintaining the flow rate of guest with the serving line (100 patrons per thirty (30) minutes).
  • · Be in place 15 minutes before and after established meal hours.
  • · Offer register receipts to maintain required eligibility of cash and meal card patrons.
  • · Identifies military identification cards, meal cards; read military orders, and record menu items sales.
  • · Records attendance to provide headcounts and meal card patrons records after each meal.
  • · Communicates in professional, courteous, and helpful manner.
  • · Count the register before and after each shift.  


Cleaning & Sanitization:

  • · Cleans dining areas including tables, chairs and floors, lounge room tables, food preparation and serving facilities as assigned.
  • · Follows established procedures, cleans dining room walls, sweeps, mops and buffs floors, vacuum and spot clean carpet as needed or required.
  • · Maintains dish machine, set up, operate, break down and cleans dish machine, pot washer, tray conveyors, refrigerators, freezers, or other comparable equipment or appliances.
  • · Safely disassembles and cleans major appliances.
  • · Washes dishes, glasses, silverware, pots, pans and serving utensils.
  • · Ensures that artificial plants/flowers are free from dust, dirt, lint, and cobwebs.
  • · Rearranges furniture and decorations as directed or required.  Maintains entrances, exits, sidewalks, glass/windows, daily or as specified.


Other Duties:

  • · Follows all safety procedure and practices, and that safeguards and proper safety gear, such as gloves and hairnets, are used when appropriate, and cleaning chemicals are used properly.
  • · Follows established work rules, standards of conduct, policies, procedures, and practices.
  • · Performs other reasonably related business duties as assigned such as clean and maintain assigned equipment and notify supervisor of equipment and facilities needing repair or replacement.
  • · Completes training as mandated by organizational policy.


Working Conditions/Hours:

  • · Scheduled for work 5 days a week. Hale Aina is a military site and open daily all year round including all holidays.
  • Breakfast Shift – 5:30 am – 9:15 am
  • Lunch Shift – 10:00 am – 1:45 pm
  • Dinner Shift – 4:00 pm – 7:15 pm
  • Works in fast-paced environment.
  • Works with a diverse group of people and at times under difficult situations.
  • Steam and heat from cooking and dish washing often cause uncomfortably high temperatures.  The area is usually noisy and there is danger of slipping on floors where food or beverages have been dropped or which are wet from daily mopping that is usually performed while the workers are in the area.
  • Some workers may be subjected to getting wet while using steam/pressure-washing equipment. 
  • Some workers are exposed to extreme temperatures of the hot kitchen and the walk-in refrigerator or freezer.  



Frequently = F            Occasionally = O        Seldom = S                 Rarely = R


Standing - F,

Lifting/Carrying below 25 lbs. -F,

Walking - F,

Lifting/Carrying 26 – 50 lbs. - R,

Sitting - O,

Lifting/Carrying above 50 lbs.- O,

Climbing (ascending/descending ladders) - O,

Seeing (able to clearly see 20 feet or more) - F,

Balancing - O,

Color Vision - O,

Stooping, kneeling, crouching, and/or squatting - F,

Talking - F,

Handling/Push/Pull (work with hands, arms, fingers) - F,

Hearing - F,

Feeling (perceiving attributes i.e., size, shape, temperature, texture)- F, 

Tasting - O.




· Clearance/Certification: 1) TB clearance, 2) Criminal background check, 3) Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing; 4) Child Protective Services/Adult Protective check; 5) Military Base Access

  • Education: High School diploma or Certificate of Completion or equivalent
  • Experience:  Minimum 2 months vocational training. This position is part of the AbilityOne Program for individuals with disabilities.   
The program serves as a vital training ground that provides a wide range of employment opportunities for people with significant disabilities so they can learn the world of work and overcome barriers to achieving competitive employment on their own. For information on the Ability One Program visit