Honolulu Onsite Data Center Server Engineer

Aug 03 2018
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Job Description

We are seeking a local Server Engineer that can provide close on-site troubleshooting service at the data center in Honolulu, Hi where our network equipment is stored.
An on-site manager will be present with you during the tasks for assistance and supervision.

Please reach out to us if you think you meet the following criteria!

Tasks, Responsibilities & Requirements:

・ Onsite installation of Linux based server OS.

・ Onsite NIC Configuration and IP assignment to respective ports, network bonding.

・ Please let us know if you have an active certificate. (eg:Cisco CCNP, etc)

・ Do you have experience providing online customer support via chat, ticket and or phone? (for full-time candidates)


1. Please review the following questionnaire as you may have a better understanding of what type of environment our task will consist of.

A. Do you have experience working as a Server Engineer?

B. Do you have experience and knowledge on operation and structure of CentOS, Ubuntu and other server OS?

C. Do you have experience and knowledge on configuring and operating Cisco router and switches?

D, Do you have experience and knowledge on BGP setup / operation?

E. Do you have experience and knowledge on configuring and operating Arista router and switches?

F. Do you have experience troubleshooting issues based on alerts received by Zabbix and or Nagios?

G. Do you have experience and knowledge on configuration and making use of Zabbix and Nagios?

H. Do you have experience and knowledge on configuring and making use of WHM/cPanel?

I. Have you done any customer support tasks via ticket system and or live chat system?

J. Have you performed customer support over the phone regarding hosting inquiries?

K. Can you provide detailed documentations on any configuration tasks you have performed?

L. Do you have experience working remotely?

M. Can you work at a data center near the Honolulu International Airport?

N. Can you go to the data center within 60 to 90 mins for urgent emergency troubleshooting?

O. Do you own a car and a drivers license?

P. If you do not have knowledge or experience on the topics listed in A to K, would you be willing to proactively learn those subjects?

2. Please tell us your greatest achievement working in this field.

3. Conditions:Must be US citizen and or have a valid work permit.

Please send us a Email with your with your CV and Resume at your earliest convenience to for any questions and to schedule a interview. Mahalo!