Manager Emergency & Security Systems

Jul 11 2024
Job Description

All applications must be submitted through the City website to be considered:


Current Vacancy Information:


The current vacancy is with the Department of Transportation Services (DTS). This position oversees the multimodal emergency and security programs, training, procedures, drills and exercises for operations and facilities. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:


Responsible for the complex development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and enhancement of the DTS emergency and security system programs.

Serves as liaison with other agencies to improve interagency coordination for emergency and security preparedness.

Responsible for quality assurance measures and support necessary to monitor, review and analyze the performance of the operations and maintenance services Contractor with regard to emergency and security programs to ensure a safe, reliable, and customer experience driven rail service.

Establish and maintain a positive relationship with Contractors.

Demonstrate a commitment to safety that guides all aspects of work through consistent and professional behaviors in performance of the essential duties.

If you qualify for the position, your name will be established to an eligible list for further consideration. This list may be used to fill current and future vacancies in this department.



Three (3) years of experience performing security and/or emergency systems work.


Such experience must have demonstrated knowledge of the principles, practices, purposes, scope and techniques of security and/or emergency systems; laws and ordinances relating to security and/or emergency systems; research, sources and uses of security and/or emergency systems information; compile, analyze and interpret complex data; prepare comprehensive reports and correspondence. Also the ability to translate ideas and recommendations into objectives, systems and plans which are in conformance with laws and regulations related to security and/or emergency systems; collect, analyze and interpret data pertaining to security and/or emergency system; make effective decisions and recommendations from data; organize and plan projects; speak effectively to individuals and groups; conduct investigations and meetings with contractors and emergency responders; and prepare reportss



Equivalent to graduation from a regionally-accredited four year college or university with a bachelors degree in city planning, architecture, engineering, economics, sociology, public administration or related field.