Nonprofit seeks Community Outreach Mentor/Manager or Assistant

Feb 13 2024
Mana Maoli |Honolulu|Full Time
Job Description



This ad focuses on positions with our Hui Hoʻoulu Kaiaulu (Community Outreach/Social Media Team):


Community Outreach Manager & Mentor (COMM) OR Community Outreach Assistant (COA) - full-time or part-time.


If you are interested in positions with our Executive, Digital Storytelling Team and/or Program Teams, visit


Hereʻs 5 reasons NOT to apply to join our team:


1) You dislike working with genuine, humble, amazing people

2) You find flex scheduling, remote work options, and not dressing up for work appalling

3) You are appalled at the notion of both working with youth AND behind the scenes support for those who do

4) Ditto with creating and/or supporting story telling through music and video, as mediums to perpetuate and evolve Hawaiian culture, and impact our youth & local + online communities

5) Getting paid to be at school-wide concerts, music video film shoots and jam sessions with Hawaiiʻs favorite artists and hammahz, sounds nailz.


Mana Maoli, a Hawaiian non-profit serving thousands of youth across 22 schools and 4 islands, seeks qualified, not-normal (but in a good way), committed and passionate team players to join our Hui Hoʻoulu Kaiaulu (Community Outreach/Social Media Team).




The Community Outreach Manager & Mentor (COMM) will take lead on social media management and other forms of outreach and community building, while providing training and oversight to staff and college interns assisting with Mana Maoliʻs and partnersʻ pages, and to high school interns producing and managing content for their own schoolsʻ pages. The ongoing aim is to provide a platform for content that highlights student products, Mana Mele Programs, Hawaiian values, culture, and language, and other content aligned with MM and partnersʻ missions.

The Community Outreach Assistant (COA) will assist the COMM in managing Mana Maoliʻs social media accounts, and other projects related to Mana Maoliʻs community outreach goals.


For both positions, full time and part-time hours are possible.


Kuleana (Job Duties): Below outlines the kuleana for our Hui Hoʻoulu Kaiaulu (Community Development Team). The COMM position would take ultimate responsibility for assuring that these tasks are implemented in a timely and effective manner, via a mix of delegating and overseeing tasks to 2 support staff and college interns, and independent work. The COA would assist with these tasks, based on relative strengths among the team, and relative priorities as determined by the COMM.


Social Media Management

  • Content Creation, Scheduling, and Management: Collaborate with our community outreach and digital storytelling teams to create compelling visual and written content for our social media platforms. This includes designing graphics, crafting engaging captions, and brainstorming content ideas that align with our brand. Scheduling and publishing posts across various social media channels, ensuring consistent and cohesive messaging. Monitor and respond to comments, messages, and interactions to maintain a positive online presence.
  • Analytics and Insights: Tracking and analyzing social media metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and content. Provide insights to the team on trends, engagement patterns, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Online Events & Strategy: Coordinate and implement social media campaigns and events including widely sharing student created products. Contribute to strategies for growing our social media following.
  • Engagement with online audience: Actively engage with our online community by responding to comments, messages, and mentions. Identify opportunities to initiate conversations and encourage user-generated content.



*Plan & lead trainings, mentorships and related follow-up support for staff and high school/college interns related to social media & other outreach strategies


Community Outreach

*Develop and maintain partnerships with industry professionals in the social media, PR, and/or outreach fields

*Serve as liaison between industry professionals and partner schools for all collaborative efforts

*Coordinate outreach/PR for MM public events and online fundraisers, as well as job and program opportunities


Budget & Reporting Kuleana

*Manage the budget related to community outreach work

*Accurately track and provide data, deliverables and information needed for grant proposals and reports




Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent and at least 2 years post-secondary education

  • At least 1 year of experience managing an organization’s social media accounts, including Facebook & Instagram (i.e. Meta Business Suite, Instagram Reels) on both desktop & mobile versions

  • Able to work quickly & efficiently alone and when leading a group

  • Evening and weekend availability

  • Lots of patience, passion, perseverance, and aloha!

Additional Minimum Qualifications for COMM:

  • BA degree or higher in Business Admin, Marketing, Communications or related field or related professional experience

  • 3+ years experience managing an organizationʻs social media accounts

  • Familiar with social media applications and features such as crossposting on FB, live streaming on FB & IG, FB Live Producer, and ads/boosts

  • At least 1 year experience in leading/managing a small team

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strong proficiency in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi

  • Experience in mentoring youth or related experience in education

  • 3+ years experience in Hawaiian cultural practices, working with Hawaiian communities

  • Proficient in Canva

  • Experience in graphic design (having a portfolio is a plus!)

  • Experience in video editing (short form or long form)

  • Experience in email marketing (MailChimp)

  • Experience in web design


When applying for this position, in addition to attaching your resume and cover letter, please provide:


1) 1 or more work samples of social media content/captions youʻve created, i.e. as an attachment, portfolio or links to pages youʻve managed or created content for.


2) in the body of your email, an honest self-assessment of your strength in the following – from 1 (no experience/skills) to 10 (just a notch shy of perfect):



a) Meta

b) Live Producer

c) Ads Manager




To apply:


1) For the position you are interested in, check to see if you meet the minimum qualifications.

2) If you do, email [email protected] – in the subject heading, please enter the position(s) you are applying for, followed by your name.

3) Attach a resume and cover letter, which can speak to why you are applying, and any skills/experiences that show your qualifications for the position(s) you are applying for, especially if not evident in your resume.


About Mana Mele


These positions are in support of the Mana Mele Project, which teaches Mana Maoliʻs ABCs (Academics, Business, and Culture) through Music and/or Multimedia across a diverse range of genres and styles. We serve K-12 youth, as well as alumni/college interns across 4 islands and 22 partner schools, including all 15 Hawaiian-focused public charter schools.