Paraeducator, St Joseph Parish School, Waipahu

May 14 2023
Job Description

PARAEDUCATOROVERALL RESPONSIBILITY: To assist, support, and workclosely with teachers, administrators, andother team members in providing educational benefits for all students.



1.Practicing Catholic in full initiation with the Church preferred

2.Professional Development and/or credits in Education preferred

3.Strong oral and written communications skills;

4.Working knowledge of computers, word processing




1.Assists teachers with building and maintaining effective instructional teams

2.Assists teachers with maintaining learner-centered supportive environments

3.Supports teachers with planning and organizing learning experiences

4.Assists teacher with engaging students in learning and assisting in instruction

5.Assists teacher with assessing learner needs, progress and achievement

6.Meets standards of professional/ethical conduct

7.Works hourly and must get administration preapproval of any overtime requests.

8.Assists in other duties and/or responsibilities which may be requested by the teacher and/orAdministration as necessary



1.Maintains a professional appearance, commits to quality Catholic education, upholds St. JosephParish School, mission, philosophy, and expectations of a paraeducator

2.Conducts self in a professional manner, displays teamwork, maintains a positive attitude, andsupports and respects colleagues, students, and parents

3.Continues professional development by enrolling in college level courses, attending professionalworkshops, participating in professional organizations, reading professional literature and attending Faith Formation courses and other educational opportunities

4.Works cooperatively with other members of the school community in bringing about the success ofthe school program

5.Attends and participates in St. Joseph Parish School meetings and events such as team/faculty &staff meetings, professional development, Parent Orientation, Parent-Teacher Guild meetings,fundraising, Catholic Schools Week, parish-related activities, and other meetings or events

6.Carries out classroom responsibilities and professional expectations as stated in the Faculty/StaffHandbook    


1.Reviews Parent Teacher Log

2.Takes attendance and lunch count

3.Supervises students in the morning beginning at 7:15 a.m. unless otherwise requested

4.Lunch and recess supervision as scheduled

5.Collects and records monies, permission slips, and other paper work as designated by the teacher



1.Collaborates with teacher to plan lessons

2.Assists in monitoring students throughout the Cooperative Model with Directed Instructiona.MS1 Listens to the teacher’s think talk (directed instruction)b.MS2 Listens to the teacher’s questioning and to student responses

3 Monitors and assists students in the practice of the object

4 Monitors independent practice of objective

5.Assists teacher in implementing lesson plans

6.Works with individual and small groups of students as directed by the teacher

7.Accompanies and assists students in the Enrichment classes



●Every week the Paraeducator should check the lesson plans for the week.

●While planning, special notes regarding materials to be prepared ahead of time and/or specificinstructions for monitoring should be indicated.

●Communication Log Book

●Daily entry of specific assistance that is needed for teaching and monitoring

●Communicates observations, comments, and/or concernsOther Job Requirements:Bending, stooping, reaching, twisting, lifting, pushing, pulling and moving items


Schedule Requirements:Entails periodic evening and weekend work