Pastry Cook

Aug 03 2018
The Pig and The Lady |Honolulu|Full Time
Job Description

Position Overview:

• Be an awesome lover of desserts as expressed in our PIA (Pastry is Awesome) family/team.


• Passionate about creativity, keeping an open mind and pushing the limits of pastry with vietnamese sensibilities in mind. 


• A team player, works efficiently and maintain composure to carry out best quality products for our customers.


• The Pastry Cooks responsibilities include having a positive and customer interactive personality along with preparing quality patisserie and bakery items for retail and restaurant consumption. Prepared items may include, but are not limited to, breakfast pastry/bakery items, cakes, plated desserts, breads, quick breads,  soft serve bases for custards and sorbets, patisserie creams, jelly/jams, cookies, meringue, displayed items for retail, catered desserts and/or other special request items. 


Skill and Physical requirements:

• Knowledge of basic pastry/bakery techniques including, but not limited to, mixing bread dough, quick breads, cookies, short breads for pie crust and tarts, cakes, meringues (french and Italian), chocolate temperatures and understanding, pastry cream, sugar knowledge and fundamentals, 


• Ability to lift 50 pounds. Work with hot and cold elements. Work clean and precise in the space available for the pastry department. Operate ovens, stove tops and Large mixers.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

• Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment; use equipment and tools only as intended, properly and safely. Including proper dish and equipment washing.


• Maintain and strictly abide by state sanitation/health regulations and restaurant requirements.


• Meet with the Pastry Chef to review assignments, anticipated business levels, changes and other information pertinent to the job performance. 


Education: High School diploma or equivalent vocational training certificate; certification of culinary pastry arts training or apprenticeship highly recommended.


License/Certification: Food Safeguard certificate highly encouraged but not required.


Experience: Highly regarded, but not required, to have a minimum of 1-2 years of experience as Pastry Cook or Assist in bakery, patisserie, restaurant or with similar style environment and standards.


Expectations: Demonstrates adequate pastry skills and operations. Be able to plan and prepare for restaurant, catering and special events. Shows interest in participating in possible menu planning for dessert items, for all food outlets.