Program Manager, Early Childhood Development

Apr 19 2021
Liliuokalani Trust |Honolulu|Full Time
Job Description

Job Description


Job Title: Program Manager, Early Childhood

Reports to: Vice President, Program Design & Strategic Initiatives


FLSA Status: Exempt

Aligned Executive: Vice President, Program Design & Strategic Initiatives

Kipuka: Liliʻuonamo​ku

Department: Program Design & Strategic Initiatives


Job Purpose

The Program Manager for Early Childhood is responsible for providing leadership in the development of early childhood initiatives for Lili’uokalani Trust to improve the long-term outcomes of Native Hawaiian children. As a member of the program leadership team, the Early Childhood Program Manager leads all planning, designing, relationship building, goal setting, monitoring of progress, and evaluation of early childhood initiatives across the state.


Essential Responsibilities


  • Provide leadership and innovation in early childhood initiatives through the research, evaluation, adoption and integration of innovations to advance positive outcomes for disadvantaged Native Hawaiian kamaliʻi.
  • Oversees all activities and tasks related to early childhood, including, but not limited to, program planning, development, operational modeling, implementation, analysis, and budgeting; and the training, evaluation, and supervision of program staff and volunteers.
  • Maintains awareness of and implements best practices, emerging research and new potentials in child development through LT programs.
  • Develops a 3-5 year strategic roadmap with alignment with overarching institutional goals and objectives based on long range strategic plan.
  • Provides technical support for staff to improve outcomes, facilitate innovative early childhood methodologies and interventions.
  • Leads the overall accountability for program quality and execution, staff performance, and family engagement.
  • Ability to recruit, develop, retain and lead a team of professionals that deliver high quality early childhood programs; growing and expanding programs.
  • Advises and supports partnership development with national and regional early childhood professionals.
  • Prepares a variety of documents and reports (e.g. attendance, budget, daily activity, daily program content, etc.) for the purpose of providing written support and/or conveying information.
  • Collaborates with the program leadership team to build internal capacity of staff to deliver quality programs.












Other duties:


  • Leads other projects as assigned. 
  • Delivers programs or services as needed. 




  • Masterʻs degree in education, business, political science, public administration, social work or other field.
  • 7 years of experience managing complex projects or programs in human services (education, health, housing, social work, etc.).
  • 5 years of experience working with youth.
  • 3 years preferred managing a high performing team.



Job Competencies

  • Ability to manage a team while dealing with high pressure deliverables, deadlines logistically complex processes and projects, and work across multiple units of the organization. Ability to influence others through setting of shared goals, communication, data sharing and transparency.
  • Experienced negotiator who is able to cultivate and manage relationships with all team members. Fosters and maintains an environment based on teamwork, commitment, accountability, cooperation, collaboration and direct, timely feedback.
  • Possesses knowledge of early childhood; child brain development; two-generation models for family strengthening.
  • Strong interpersonal skills. Able to build a spirit of collegiality among a diverse array of professionals. Comfortable meeting new people and engaging in new relationships. Seeks collaborative engagement to contribute to a common good. Regards conflict as valuable, trusting own abilities to manage interpersonal differences in productive ways.
  • Flexible in change environments and able to adapt to emerging strategies with little discomfort.
  • Able to monitor own values, intentions, thoughts and behaviors as well as effects on others and the environment. Aware of own and others progress towards goals. Willing to be aware of actions and their effects on others and on the environment.
  • Superior communication and organizational skills.
  • Able to work independently with a high degree of accuracy and with highly confidential information. Takes initiative to accomplish tasks with a positive attitude.
  • Able to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends, to meet key deadlines.
  • Able to travel to meet strategic needs.


Organization Competencies


  • Alignment with Queen’s legacy:  Understanding and appreciation of Queen Liliuokalani’s story, her legacy and the Hawaiian Culture is foundational to staff’s commitment to working with our Hawaiian children, families and communities. Demonstrates respect for and appreciation of Hawaiian values history, and culture, understanding its implication in one’s work, in fostering meaningful relationships, and in embracing the community served.
  • Ho`omau i ka `imi Na`auao (Continuous Learning and Improvement): Committed to creating and reinforcing an environment of continuous learning and improvement.
  • Ho`ike i na Mana`o Pono (Effective Communication):  Communicates with those we serve and each other in a consistent manner that results in mutual understanding, harmony, and action. 
  • No'ono'o loi (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving): Actively and skillfully understands, conceptualizes, applies, analyzes, synthesizes, and/or evaluates information and develops and supports fact-based analyses and recommendations
  • Ho'o kumu a'e  or `Imi hakuhia (Innovation):  Identifies and integrates creative ideas into new or existing services and promotes effective problem-solving.
  • Pilina Ho`ohana a me ka Hana Hilina`i (Building Relationships and Creating Trust):  Manages relationships to create optimal opportunities and move the organization forward.
  • Alu Like I ka Hana (Teamwork): Works cooperatively and collaboratively with others throughout the organization in alignment with the organization's objectives.
  • Ho`onui I ka `Ike (Capacity Building): Encourages personal growth by exhibiting trust and a belief in the capacity of others.



Mental and Physical Demands:

Ability to lift 25lbs pounds. Requires frequent sitting, bending, standing…


Terms and Conditions of Employment

As a condition of employment, employee will be subject to LT’s policies and procedures.