Refuse Dispatcher

Jun 21 2024
WEST OAHU AGGREGATE, CO., INC. |Honolulu|Full Time, $20.00 / hour
Category: Other
Job Description

Primary Responsibilities:

The Dispatcher position includes several key responsibilities that necessitate strong organizational skills, effective communication abilities, and adaptability to changing priorities and demands with a positive attitude.  Successfully fulfilling these responsibilities will contribute to the team's seamless operation and the attainment of organizational objectives.


Identify and scheduling of missed or extra pick-ups, bin deliveries, removals, swaps, and new routes to maximize operational efficiency. Ability to work professionally with Government, Commercial, Construction and Residential customers.


Essential Functions:

Include maintaining daily efficient dispatch operations, coordinating and managing the deployment of vehicles, equipment and assets within the team to ensure the fulfillment of our service commitments. This involves collaborating with team members and providing support in executing and completing daily assignments. Ability to respond under pressure to address last minute shortages and reprioritize tasks, coordinating driver assignments and reinforcing areas that require additional support.


Daily tasks vary such as scheduling customer requests, establishing and maintaining necessary communications, conducting job site visits, and keeping records.


Communication with supervisors, peers, subordinates, and customers in person, over the phone, via email, etc. Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships with others. supporting both the dispatch and sales departments by assisting with phone calls, contract maintenance, fostering customer relationships, handling change orders and contract extensions, monitoring procurement websites, and actively participating in meetings and site visits are important facets of the role.



  • Collaborate closely with the dispatch team to address and resolve any issues affecting customer billing.
  • Procure and review daily paperwork from drivers or driver supervisors, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy and expedite the closing of all received work orders within a 48-hour timeframe to maintain workflow efficiency. Accurately monitor, review, and approve administrative and field employees' time and attendance, minimizing overtime and ensuring compliance with limits established by regulatory agencies (e.g., the 60-hour rule).
  • Input (where applicable) the weights from dump tickets into the 'Route Daily Activity Entry' in the Encore system for accurate record-keeping.
  • Provide quotations and schedule "one-shot" orders related to Front End Loader (FEL) service to meet customer needs promptly.
  • Convene monthly meetings to analyze service data, improve route efficiencies, and increase production. Additionally, collaborate with the team to initiate and implement strategies aimed at achieving efficient, safe operations aligned with budget and safety goals.



  • Compliance with safety protocols is of utmost importance.
  • It is essential to adhere to all safety regulations, wear appropriate personal protective equipment, and undergo proper training. Regular checks and inspections of the surrounding office area should also be performed.
  • By prioritizing safety, workers can prevent accidents and injuries and promote a safe and productive work environment.



  • Tasks are typically carried out in a temperature-controlled office environment, which may involve extended periods of sitting, keyboarding, and using a computer mouse. There will be regular occasions of walking within the office premises and and/or uneven work surfaces/outdoors.
  • Roll may necessitate occasional field inspections (team) or evaluations pertaining to ongoing service issues, or new contractual environments. This could potentially involve exposure to a variety of weather conditions.
  • An aptitude for learning new programs, technology, and supportive devices as designated is essential.
  • Certain Dispatch roles will be required to be exposed to physical environment which involves dirt, odors, noise, weather extremes or similar elements part of the workday.
  • The normal setting for this job is: office setting.



  • Generally, 8-hour days, start times vary by division from 6am and working hours can be

8-10+ hours daily.  

  • Due to the responsibilities of this position, weekend and holiday work hours may be required.
  • Note: Start time represents a general guideline and hours worked will vary based on operational needs.

Communication Criteria:


  • Outstanding written communication skills complemented by an excellent aptitude for interpersonal interaction. Willingness to communicate and problem solve in a Team setting.
  • Proven capability to meet strict deadlines while effectively managing multiple tasks.
  • Fundamental computer literacy, encompassing knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word, and relevant business systems.




  • Ability to read, write, comprehend, and speak English.
  • Familiarity with the geographical and demographic aspects of Oahu Island.
  • Ability to grasp, lift and/or carry, 10-15lb.
  • Knowledge of the current practices, methods and techniques involved in dispatching operations.
  • Conflict resolution with customers and employees.
  • Ability and willingness to learn new systems, technologies and development of fellow team members.


  • Completion of high school education or possession of a General Education Degree (GED).
  • 1-2 years of cumulative experience in dispatching or managing complex operations, systems/processes, and employees.
  • Coaching/mentoring skills
  • Previous experience working “with” a team to optimize routing efficiencies, coupled with proficiency in utilizing routing software.