Special Education Teacher (Middle School)

May 09 2024
SEEQS |Honolulu|Full Time, $51,835 - $82,941 / year
Job Description



  • Student Support Teachers ensure the needs of all students can be met in SEEQS’s inclusion learning environment can be met.
  • All SEEQS faculty members bring the SEEQS vision—the school culture, academic excellence, and interdisciplinary, community-based work—into reality by engaging students in meaningful learning experiences.


  • All Students With Disabilities are provided with supports that enable them to engage in meaningful learning experiences in content and EQS courses.
  • Timelines and documentation for all IEPs are completed on time with quality.
  • All Students With Disabilities are provided with supports that enable them to develop an understanding of the SEEQS Sustainability Skills and build a portfolio of work documenting their growth.
  • All students are supported in social-emotional learning and growth opportunities.


  • Pedagogical commitment to and demonstrated excellence in constructivist and investigative approaches to learning
  • Knowledge of best practices for working with students with special needs
  • Love for working with and being mentors for middle school students
  • Willing to engage productively with students, parents, colleagues, and supervisors
  • ​Enthusiasm for collaborating with other teachers to best meet student needs
  • Genuine conviction that all students can learn and will be an integral part of SEEQS 
  • Familiarity with the eligibility categories under IDEA 
  • Proficient technology user, including Google-based tools
  • Self-reflective, lifelong learner
  • Flexible and open to feedback
  • An excellent sense of humor!
  • Commitment to implementing sustainable practices and philosophy



  • Bachelor's degree
  • Two years experience working with middle school-aged children 
  • Experience working with students with special needs


  • Valid Hawaii Teaching License with Special Education certification
  • Three or more years experience teaching at the middle school level
  • Experience in generating and assisting teachers with gathering data toward objective, measurable IEP goals
  • Experience with IEP writing, re-evaluation and eligibility processes under IDEA


Student Support teachers can expect to:

  • ​Co-teach multiple disciplinary content subjects (English Language Arts, Math, Science, and History) in an inclusion setting.
  • Co-lead, help plan, and supervise the project-based, interdisciplinary, multi-age Essential Question of Sustainability courses, alongside at least two other teachers with disciplinary content expertise.
  • Adapt/modify lessons as needed to meet the needs of exceptional students.
  • Provide opportunities for exceptional learners to succeed and develop confidence in their strengths.  
  • Work to develop awareness of individual students’ strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Encourage students to advocate for themselves using their self-knowledge.
  • Implement use of assistive technology to meet/accommodate student needs.
  • Generate and assist teachers with gathering data toward objective, measurable IEP goals.
  • Draft IEPs, facilitate meetings and guide eligibility processes according to IDEA guidelines for public schools.
  • Engage with DOE Education Specialists, Resources Teachers, and other service providers

All SEEQS teachers can expect the following roles and related responsibilities:

Teacher/ facilitator

  • Lead a student-centered classroom with an emphasis on inquiry, classroom collaboration, purposeful integration of technology, and self-exploration.  
  • Personalize each student’s learning environment by providing relevant and timely feedback, strategies and suggestions for growth and improvement, as well as facilitating student success on individual projects.
  • Communicate with families about classroom studies and student progress to help create an engaged community.
  • Use standards-based grading to document a variety of formative and summative assessments that measure student progress towards content standards, performance expectations, and work habits. 
  • Implement classroom, school, and behavior management strategies as necessary that are aligned with SEEQS' philosophy of logical consequences and restorative practices.
  • Contribute to and attend events for the SEEQS community, including Open Houses/Orientations and Project Exhibitions, and Presentations of Learning.


  • Participate with students in morning Physical Activity (including physical activity in Advisory).
  • Learn from experts, field trips, student projects, and colleagues about issues related to sustainability during EQS courses.


  • Collaborate with local organizations and communities to introduce students to real-world issues, and to have a real-world audience assess student exploration.
  • Support an environment of full inclusion for students with special needs by meeting regularly with co-teachers to co-plan shared courses.

Learner/ co-constructor

  • Model effective teaching and learning practices and strategies for fellow faculty members; learn from fellow teachers doing the same.
  • Prepare for, participate fully in, and follow-up on professional development and learning community.
  • Plan and reflect on teaching practices and roles through goal-setting and peer observation processes. 

Advisor/ Mentor

  • Model Safe, Kind, Respectful, and Responsible behaviors with students, parents, colleagues, and community members.
  • Serve as a mentor/advisor to a group of students in Advisory to support student success, health, happiness, emotional intelligence and intellectual safety.
  • Model a democratic, collaborative approach to creating school norms and rules by participating in school-wide decision-making and facilitating constructive conversations.


  • Intentionally work to uphold SEEQS faculty norms and organizational values. 
  • Communicate appropriately and in a timely manner, including electronically.
  • Adhere to school policies and procedures consistently, completely, and on time.
  • Respectfully share working spaces and communal areas with colleagues and students.
  • Implement sustainable practices and philosophy.



The Student Support (Special Education) Teacher role is a 10-month position, paid over a period of 12 months. The SEEQS teacher work year generally follows the Hawaii DOE’s yearly calendar. Teacher work hours are 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  
This position is for the 2024-2025 School Year, beginning July 29, 2024.


Pay rate is subject to the HSTA BU05 salary schedule. Licensed Special Educators may quality for the Hard-to-Staff bonus of $10,000/year. Employees also receive a generous benefits package provided to Hawaii State Government Employees.


​The role requires the employee to sit, stand, bend, stoop, reach above the shoulders, walk short distances, climb stairs, listen effectively, speak clearly, and visually observe staff and students on a routine basis. Accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

For more information on working at SEEQS and details on how to apply for this position, please visit: www.seeqs.org/work-at-seeqs