May 20 2019
Lanakila Pacific |Honolulu|Full Time
Job Description

**Position is Temporary Part-Time until September 30, 2019**


Assists in the operation of a dining hall/cafeteria facility by performing various tasks to meet contractual requirements. 

1. Assists in the orientation of employees.
2. Trains employees in the use and maintenance of all equipment.
3. Trains employees to understand and adhere to all safety regulations. 
4. Demonstrates Lanakila Pacific’s values of teamwork, excellence, achievement, motivation and Lanakila in all personal interactions with others
5. Trains assigned employees to perform required tasks described below:

Food Service Worker:
1. Under the supervision of the Shift Leader, is responsible to obtain prepared foods from the government cooks and will be responsible for making food and subsistence available throughout the entire meal period.
2. Responsible to set up trays in tray assembly line. Sets up glasses, silverware, butter, condiments, salads, desserts, bread and hot and cold beverages on trays according to standard practice. Sets up tray line stations with hot and cold foods.
3. Serve food to patrons in standard portions (unless otherwise requested) at a flow rate of 100 patrons every 30 minutes through the serving lines.
4. Ensures that food containers contain adequate food throughout the meal period and that proper serving line temperature is maintained. Ensures that carryout containers are available for customers.
5. Prepares coffee, washes, peels, chops, cuts and dices food according to standard practices.
6. Ensures that fresh fruits and vegetables are washed and cleaned prior to serving IAW U.S. Food Code, USAF version Chapter 3, paragraph 302.15.
7. Food preparation for cooking shall include but is not limited to panning meats, breaking eggs, preparing sandwiches for grilling and omelet filling preparation. Preparing foods (that are cooked by the government) for general consumption shall include but are not limited to ensuring the availability of bread for toast, waffles, ice cream (soft serve or frozen) and meat carving. Food preparation shall also consist of making sandwiches as requested by the customer.
8. Follows standard practices to rotate inventory promoting first-in/first-out issue. Stores food according to standard practice.
9. Sets up cafeteria lines, steam tables, side service stands, beverage service areas, dining room tables, etc. Carefully pushes tray carts throughout various facility areas and carries trays directly into rooms according to standard practice.

1. Perform cashier duties as directed, maintaining the flow rate of guest to correspond with the serving line(s) 100 patrons per thirty (30) minutes.
2. Demonstrate a professional, courteous and helpful to patrons..
3. Identify military identification cards, meal cards; read military orders, and record menu items sales.
4. Responsible for the recording of attendance, headcounts and provide patrons with Patron comment cards.

Cleaning & Sanitizing (Janitorial):
1. Cleans dining room tables, facilities or bathrooms (toilets, sinks, mirrors, floors, etc.) as scheduled or assigned.
2. Following established procedures, cleans dining room walls, sweeps, mops and buffs floors, vacuum and spot clean carpet as needed or required.
3. Cleans food preparation and serving facilities.
4. Maintains dish machine, set up, operate, break down and cleans dish machine, pot washer, tray conveyors, refrigerators, freezers, or other comparable equipment or appliances.
5. Safely disassembles and cleans major appliances.
6. Washes dishes, glasses, silverware, pots, pans and serving utensils.
7. Ensures that artificial plants/flowers are free from dust, dirt, lint, and cobwebs.
8. Rearranges furniture and decorations as directed or required. Maintains entrances, exits, sidewalks, glass/windows, on a daily basis or as specified.

Storeroom Subsistence Handler 
1. Will assist Military Storeroom personnel in receiving all vendor deliveries items, visually inspect one hundred (100%) of items received to check for deterioration and/ or damaged, and physically check temperatures on all refrigerated and frozen food for compliance with the applicable U.S food code.
2. Notify Military storeroom leader on duty of all items delivered unsatisfactory or damaged or unfit for consumption.
3. Offload and stock items in appropriate location upon receipt using the First – in First – out (FIFO) procedures.
4. Shall thaw meats prior to preparation as directed and/ or according to the daily production log.
5. Ability to frequently lift up to 50 pounds and occasionally lift up to 75 pounds with assistance
6. Label and date items appropriately
7. Storeroom personnel shall ensure the storage, refrigerators, freezers and dry store room areas are clean, well-organized and defrosted as needed. 
8. Provide military and contractor with product, dairy, canned goods and any other food items to perform their essential product. 
9. Ability to regularly stand, bend, lift, and move intermittently during shifts.

Preventative Maintenance 
1. Contractor shall provide Preventative Maintenance and minor equipment repair for all government items listed in the attachment 5. 
2. PM that includes but is not limited to cleaning, adjusting, oiling, tighten of knobs, screws, nuts bolts, replacement of parts of normal wear and tear, damage, and/ or failure of parts and gaskets during use as required to keep food service equipment in operations. 
3. Replace all burnt light bulbs, clean all compressors screens, defrost all freezers with ice buildup as needed, 
4. Damp dirt all ceiling air conditioning diffusers, partition grilles, register and other ventilating louvers
5. Notify managers concerning the need for major repairs and requisition supplies and equipment needed for cleaning and maintenance duties.

1. Assist the government Food Service Officer (FSO) with the distribution and collection of customer surveys and evaluation forms.
2. Decorate the Hale Aina Dining Facility with government provided decorative materials for holidays and special occasions. 
3. Place flower arrangements on the serving line for holidays. .
4. Arrange tables and chairs for meetings and group meals then return them to the original location after the function is over. Will also be required to dress tables and provide water and coffee service.
5. Attends training sessions/classes as mandated by organizational policy/goals and/or as recommended by Manager/Director/President.
6. Performs other duties as assigned.

Steam and heat from cooking and dish washing often cause uncomfortably high temperatures. The area is usually noisy and there is danger of slipping on floors where food or beverages have been dropped or which are wet from daily mopping that is usually performed while the workers are in the area. Some workers may be subjected to getting wet while using steam/pressure-washing equipment. Some workers are exposed to extreme temperatures of the hot kitchen and the walk-in refrigerator or freezer. 

Shift work – Morning Shift, Day Shift, Evening Shift

Types of equipment that may require operation may include but not be limited to the following: slicing/dicing machine, knives, microwave/toaster/convection oven, automatic dishwashing equipment, conveyors, vacuum, floor machines, steam/pressure washers, cash register, calculator, etc.

1. Must have empathy for people and sincere interest in training others to help themselves.
2. Must have the ability to get along with others and possess a mature attitude toward work.
3. Must possess sufficient flexibility to respond to changing situations.
4. Ability to solve practical problems.

1. Ability to read and interpret safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
2. Ability to write routine reports.
3. Ability to instruct and support in a training environment.
4. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.

Education/Experience:<​br>Six months of food service, cashiering and/or custodial/preventative maintenance experience is required. 

1. Must be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide for cashiering.
2. Must be able to pass criminal background check to gain access to military base.
3. Must have TB clearance within 1 year.
4. Must be able to meet the physical demand of the job.