Mar 17 2023
Pouhana O Na Wahine |Honolulu|Full Time, $62,000 - $66,000 / year
Job Description

Title:  Technical Assistance & Training (TTA) Specialist


Position Summary

The Technical Assistance and Training (TTA) Specialist must

  • have a clear understanding of the concept and values of ALOHA and uplifts, upholds and exercises these and other Native Hawaiian cultural values within the workplace and communities we serve;
  • have a deep understanding of violence against Native Hawaiian women and the importance of mutual respect, reciprocal relationships, while having cultural sensitivity and humility when working with NHs; and
  • be naʻau driven, connect with individuals and build relationships that foster and malama the work to increase safety of and healing for Native Hawaiian victim-survivors of domestic and gender-based violence.


The TTA Specialist is responsible for developing and managing PONW’s TTA initiatives in close collaboration with the Executive Director and other PONW staff. Responsibilities include providing concentrated support/problem solving and offering education to support social change on issues relating to domestic violence, gender-based violence and intersecting issues, to NH and non-NH stakeholders while upholding the values and principles of aloha. 


In general, the TTA Specialist in collaboration with the Executive Director is responsible for developing and providing innovative TTA services, including monitoring and continuously improving TTA, in alignment with PONW’s vision, mission, and project objectives.

Kuleana (Responsibilities)/Kakoʻo (support)

  1. Provides culturally responsive and culturally sensitive problem-solving technical assistance and training (TTA) - in person, virtually (over the phone, email, other platforms) that prioritizes survivor safety and reflects survivor-defined advocacy, reflects an understanding of various research and evaluation approaches and implementation strategies, and supports and strengthens the fields’ capacity. Collaborates and consults with the Policy/Research Specialist, Executive Director, other staff and partners as needed in this process.
  2. Collaborates and consults with the Executive Director and other staff in establishing a process for handling and recording TTA requests made to the organization; ensures TTA responses are provided in a timely manner.
  3. Engages with NH and non-NH programs, NH Kūpuna, and Cultural Practitioners, and other stakeholders to determine types and scope of TTA services to be provided concerning domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, sex trafficking, MMIW and other issues that intersect with domestic violence against Native Hawaiian women.
  4. Consults with the Executive Director regarding collaborations with partner organizations to organize and lead on local, regional and national initiatives, including but not limited to: providing TTA at various conferences and meetings as invited by other organizations and funders, cultural events, social justice events, and other PONW functions, meetings, and/or activities.
  5. Develops and maintains relationships with an extensive network of contacts with NH, local, state, and federal programs and agencies, as well as with NH Kūpuna and Cultural Practitioners, allies and partner organizations such as the Council on Native Hawaiian Advancement, The Native Hawaiian Legislative Hui, etc. and      monitors TTA engagement in Memorandum of Understanding with partner organizations. 
  6. Collaborates with the Executive Director,      Policy/Research Specialist, other staff and partners as appropriate      to ensure critical analysis of the effectiveness of TTA offered, track emerging issues, researches best/promising practices and innovative ideas, and projects that have the potential to be adapted in NH communities; while being respectful and mindful of how to approach and work with communities throughout the State.
  7. Identifies gaps, challenges and needed updates and/or revisions to content in PONW produced resources and resources produced by others.
  8. With the collaboration of the Executive Director, offers effective and contextualized TTA initiatives to our stakeholders; evaluates the TTA offered and ensures improvements and changes are made as necessary.
  9. With the collaboration of the Executive Director, leads the establishment and dissemination of an annual training/webinar/onsite TTA schedule based on identified issues and needs. Coordinates, facilitates and serves as faculty trainer, when necessary, on a wide variety of training topics at national, regional and local training events. 
  10. With the collaboration of the Executive Director, leads the development of, and participates as necessary in the development of NH culturally appropriate and responsive curriculum for training and workshop delivery and community education and awareness campaign materials. Develops, reviews, revises, evaluates and disseminates training materials on a variety of training topics related to violence against NH women. All material developed shall be culturally, historically, and legally accurate.  
  11. With the collaboration of the Executive Director, leads the identification of resources to be developed, through an analysis of TA requests, local disparities of NHs and gaps in the field, and works with other staff and consultants to develop and produce resources such as stickers, booklets, pamphlets, special collections, webinar toolkits, social media advocacy material, etc. This may involve identifying and developing partnership opportunities and drafting and reviewing original resources and educational tools.
  12. Be able to identify potential conflict and or disagreement as it arises and implement culturally responsive, yet effective de-escalation and coping strategies when working with individuals, families, organizations and communities in the field.
  13. Engages in capacity building and attends training(s) for continuing education opportunities to assist job performance and responsibilities.
  14. Represents the organization as needed by participating in key associations and organizations, serving on committees and advisory groups, and speaking in public settings, relating to TTA initiatives within local, statewide and nationwide communities accordingly.
  15. Completes progress reports as requested in a timely manner.
  16. Coordinates with the Main Office and staff to ensure timely processing of necessary paperwork. 
  17. Other duties or responsibilities, as assigned.