Temporary Maintenance Worker, St Philomena ELC

Jan 26 2024
Catholic Diocese of Honolulu-Parishes/Schools |Honolulu|Full Time, $17.50 / hour
Job Description


Helps to provide adequate maintenance and preventive maintenance on all

equipment, buildings, grounds, and vehicles to ensure safety to all persons, including staff and

visitors, and to extend the life and appearance of these items.

REPORTS TO: Business Manager, Head of School, Pastor CLASSIFICATION: Non-exempt


Responsible for the maintenance, cleanliness, and repair of parish and school facilities. Performs

a variety of facility and equipment duties. May perform various routine maintenance and repairs including routine carpentry and plumbing duties based on skill level and experience.

· Help with a variety of installation, repair and renovation to buildings including but not limited to electrical fixtures and switches, and semi-skilled tasks in construction, repair and maintenance of wooden structures and articles.

· Installation, repair and renovation of some equipment including metal and wood equipment, electrical appliances, valves, gas stoves, hot water heaters, sinks, commodes, hand basins, kitchen appliances, heating and cooling systems, sewer lines, irrigation sprinklers.

· Removing of debris and obstructions from roadways, parking lots ramps and walkways.

· Cutting and planting of lawns, trees, and shrubs, and watering and fertilizing of the same.

· Lays pipe, digs ditches, trenches, and post holes.

· Does rough painting and rough concrete laying and patch plastering. Removes an replaces defective motors and valves.

· Moving and transporting furniture, books, misc. items from building.

· Operates a variety of gasoline and diesel-powered mowers and weeders.

· Operates a variety of trucks in the performance of construction and/or maintenance work.

· Performs routine vehicle and mechanical equipment maintenance.

· Maintains daily maintenance logs and work reports indicating time and materials used.

· Be responsible for all equipment, vehicles, tools and other equipment.

· Assist other areas related to overall maintenance of the system when assigned.

· The above does not exhaust duties. Other duties may be requested from time to time through the immediate supervisor.


Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. and a valid State driver’s license. Must be 21 years of age or older. Has knowledge of procedures, practices, tools, and equipment used in maintenance.

Must possess ability to:

· Interpersonal skills necessary for positive interaction with other employees, vendors, visitors, and parishioners.

· Move, load and unload equipment and supplies weighing 35 pounds of heavier.

· Work independently without direct supervision.

· Walk long distances around campus; bend, stoop, squat and reach; climb ladders.

· Make judgment related to emergency and safety matters.


Fingerprint Clearance, TB Clearance, Valid Driver’s License, Virtus Training


Work will take place Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, unless adjusted by Business Manager, Head of School, or Pastor.