Feb 08 2021
Lunalilo Home |Honolulu|Full Time
Job Description

Job Title:                 ​   UTILITY WORKER

Department:               Support Services

Reports to:                  Director of Dietary & Support Services

Classification:              Hourly Non-Exempt, Union

Status:                         Regular Full-Time (40 hours per week)




The Utility Worker is cross-trained.  This position is a flexible position that will be assigned to various departments by management to perform various jobs.  During the time of operational needs, you may be assigned to another department. 


The Utility Worker will perform jobs pertaining to dietary, housekeeping and laundry work.




Utility Worker Duties


  1. Dietary

a.      Equipment operated: blender, food processor, dishwasher, coffee and hot water machines, toasted, kitchen tools, and other equipment

b.      Performs a variety of tasks in the kitchen and dining room.  Assists in the routine preparation of foods for cooking and serving.

c.       Prepares coffee and tea service

d.      Prepares cold items for meals by cutting, peeling, and washing vegetables and fruits

e.      Pours water, milk and juices into individual glasses for meals

f.        Set up cold food carts, pushes them out into the dining room and set-up services station for meals

g.      Sets residents’ trays on serving board of hot food cart for cook to serve the hot food.  Delivery tray

h.      Pour coffee and tea, and refill as needed

i.        Clears and washes table and chairs at conclusion of each meal

j.        Scrapes, stacks and washes dishes, glassware and utensils by hand or machine at the end of each meal period

k.       Cleans kitchen and dining area for daily inspections, empty trash into dumpster

l.        At the end of the day, cleans out dishwasher, counters, and coffee and tea machines

m.    Perform housekeeping and laundry duties as directed by Dietary/Support Manager

n.      Perform other duties as assigned





  1. Housekeeping

a.      Equipment operated:  Vacuum cleaner, buffer, waxer, mops, brooms, mop bucket, other cleaning equipment

b.      Housekeeping daily duties:

1.      Clean all rooms, bedrooms and hallways

a.      Vacuums, sweeps and mops floor

b.      Wipes and washes down walls as needed

c.       Dusts and polishes furniture

d.      Empties ashtrays and waste cans – lines cans with plastic liner

e.      Arrange flowers and changes water for arrangements

f.        Keeping windows clean

g.      Washes curtains as needed

2.      Clean toilets and showers

a.      Scrubs and disinfects

b.      Replaces toilet tissue, paper towels, soap and other supplies

c.       Checks drains, lights and reports all needed repairs to maintenance department

3.      Cleans all office areas, staff lounge, activities building, patios and lanais.

4.      Vacuums and clean recreation rooms – checking furniture, lights, tables, etc.  Reports any repairs to be made to maintenance department.  If flowers are available, will arrange in room.

5.      Cleans wheelchairs and fans at least once a month

6.      First floor:

a.      Cleans outside entrance and lanai including windowsills as well as furniture.  Straighten book tables, etc.

b.      (Tuesday) will wipe beds down before Certified Nurse Aide changes linens.  Cleans all dressers.

c.       Cleans the windows, screens and sills of all the rooms, including recreation room and dining room – including walls and dining room

d.      As needed, cleans elevator, transoms above doors and utility and linen rooms

e.      Thoroughly cleans the dispensary – including defrosting the refrigerator

7.      Second Floor:

a.      Cleans windows, screens and sills.  Be sure the furniture is polished and rooms are left neat

b.      (Wednesday) wipes bed down before Certified Nurse Aide changes linens

c.       Cleans and straightens the linen and storage rooms

c. Performs dietary duties as directed by Dietary/Support Manager. 

d. Performs laundry, yard and janitorial duties directed by Dietary/Support Manager

e. Performs other assigned duties.












  1. Laundry:

a.      Equipment operated:  Clothes washers, and dryers, clothes carts, janitorial cleaning equipment, iron and ironing board, other related equipment


b.      Laundry daily duties:

1.      Receives all soiled laundry and separates by category

2.      Washes all items by using procedures and supplies appropriate for each category

3.      Dries clothing

4.      Folds clothing, separates by resident and category

5.      Places folded clothing in delivery carts

6.      Delivers clothing to proper location and stores correctly

7.      Sanitizes laundry equipment and laundry room daily, including removal of lint


c.       Performs dietary duties as directed by Dietary/Support Service Manager. 


d.      Performs housekeeping and janitorial duties as needed directed by Dietary/Support Service Manager



e.      Performs other duties as assigned





Education:              ​                 High School or GED


Physical Demands:                ​ Requires lifting items up to 70 pounds

                   ​                    ​  Eye, Hand, Foot coordination essential

Requires frequent stooping, bending, pushing, pulling and continuous    standing


Mental Demands:                ​  Duties required attention to details, alertness, problem solving, timeliness, sound judgment, planning, organizational skills and mathematical ability.  Should have an eye for food appeal.  Ability to follow standardized recipes and converts as necessary to meet production needs.  Able to do several functions at the same time.  Subject to frequent interruptions.


Environment:                          Exposed to various elements as heat, moisture, humidity, fumes, chemicals, water and odors.  Subject to cut, burns, slip and falls.

In or outdoor


Interaction:             ​                With Managers, other employees, guests/visitors and residents.  Must contribute to a place of aloha for all.





Required Documentation:

·         Annual Physical/Infection/Transmittable Disease Clearance, TB Clearance Certificate

·         Driver’s License & abstract, if applicable




Lunalilo Home is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against applicants due to race, ethnicity, gender, veteran status, or based on disability or any other federal, state, or local protected class.