Chief Executive Officer

May 10 2023
DreamHouse Ewa Beach |Kapolei|Full Time
Job Description

DreamHouse 'Ewa Beach is seeking a Head of School that is committed to the shared vision, values, and culture of the organization. The Head of School is appointed by and reports directly to the Governing Board. This role serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Principal of the organization, and will work in parallel with the Chief Financial & Operations Officer (CFOO) and Chief Student Success Officer (CSSO) in driving the overall direction of the organization.  Additionally, the Head of School will carry out the mission while promoting active, collaborative, inquiry-based learning through a culturally responsive pedagogy and a culture of high expectations for the future leaders of Hawai'i.

The Head of School has the following duties:

  1. Academic Leader
    1. Create, monitor and sustain a school culture of academic rigor through clear expectations for students, families, faculty, and Leadership Support Team.
    2. Oversee the school accreditation process and implementation for the school.
    3. Ensure educational and regulatory compliance at all governmental levels.
    4. Comply with the charter, accountability requirements, and all relevant laws.
    5. Drive the professional development and growth of all faculty.
    6. Leverage research and resources to improve programming including, but not limited to Leadership, Empowerment, Agency, Development (LEAD) framework, Individual Learning & Development (ILDP) framework, DreamHouse academic mode and implementation, in-house curriculum development, and DreamHouse Core Competencies (voice, identity, servant leadership, community, consciousness).
    7. Build positive, productive relationships with families, community members, non-profit organizations, corporations, foundations, and others who will support the realization of DreamHouse’s mission and vision.
    8. Serve as the representative for the school to external audiences including investor, media, community partners, government, and local leaders while building in school stakeholders- teachers, students, parents - the ability to do so as well. 
  1. Board Relations
    1. Take responsibility with the Board of Directors for recruiting and training new Board members and for ongoing board development.
    2. Keep the Governing Board informed regarding school-related matters, objectives, needs, and future plans.
    3. Provide leadership in strategic planning and work to implement initiatives.
    4. Use the expertise of the Governing Board and community expertise to supplement membership for standing committees of the board. 
    5. Use the expertise of faculty and administrators for future planning with the Governing Board and to contribute to the standing committees of the Board.
  1. General Administration 
    1. Support and collaborate with the senior executive leadership (CFOO & CSSO) in developing and implementing mission-driven programs and policies.
    2. Provide regular reports to the Governing Board on the status of the school.
    3. Define lines of communication and accountability with administrators.
    4. Collaborate with the senior leadership team to prepare, implement and monitor an accurate annual budget, ensuring accurate & timely financial reports to the Governing Board
    5. With the senior executive leadership, the Head of School determines salaries, benefits, and working conditions of faculty and staff. 
    6. Approve the hiring, firing, and promotions of all personnel.
    7. Sign contracts of faculty, administrators, and staff.
  1. Advancement and Public Relations
    1. Actively represent DreamHouse to all constituencies (i.e., alumni, parents, donors, media, community, etc.).
    2. Act as the official spokesperson of the school.
    3. Advocate on behalf of the students, families, and faculty in a manner that is consistent with the mission of the school to various key policymakers in the Department of Education (DOE) and Legislature.
    4. Oversee and helps to implement advancement programs of the school to ensure long-term financial viability .
    5. Assume responsibility for successful marketing of the school, including public relations and enrollment management.
    6. Actively seeks out opportunities to expand financial portfolio through grants, philanthropy, and events.


  • Growth and entrepreneurial mindset are essential for disruption and innovation.
  • Ability to engage, lead, and motivate
  • Sense of humor and perspective.
  • Calm in the storm (strong yet flexible).
  • Is respectful of everyone, always.
  • Strong coaching and facilitation skills.
  • Can function independently while being team-oriented and highly collaborative.
  • Commitment to the children and community of Leeward Oahu and Hawai‘i.
  • Has an understanding of the uniqueness of the Native Hawaiian culture.
  • Strong conviction for equity, justice, and achieving equitable outcomes for ALL children.
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced, start-up school and classroom environment.
  • Personal and professional passion for academic excellence, diversity, and inclusion to support student and faculty growth.
  • Ability to further develop and articulate the school’s vision and strategy in collaboration with the senior executive leadership team.
  • Possess the knowledge and skills to create and implement a strategic plan with a commitment to continuous improvement to differentiate and promote the school’s brand.
  • Advanced understanding of business operations and processes to ensure the fiscal health of the school.
  • Analytical problem-solver and solutions-oriented strategic thinker who can overcome difficult organizational challenges.
  • Capacity to maintain positivity, optimism, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence for the children of DreamHouse ‘Ewa Beach, even in the face of difficult challenges.


  • Advanced degree in education, or related fields.
  • Significant experience as a Principal preferred; successful executive leadership in a Middle/High School is desirable.
  • Experience with innovative instruction; knowledgeable about, and genuinely committed to, progressive education.


  • Position is a 12-Month role aligned to HGEA Bargaining Unit 06;
  • Salary is aligned to BU-06 and commensurate with experience;
  • Health coverage and retirement options provided by the State of Hawai‘i.