Power Plant / Boiler Technician

Oct 17 2018
Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corp. |Keaau|Full Time, $20.61 - $23.25 / hour
Job Description

**Interested applicants must apply in person at our office in Kea`au off Hwy 11, Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm to complete our application; or request an application to be sent by calling our Human Resources Dept. at (808) 982-6562.  Company application must be completed in order to be considered.  (Please do not apply thru this website, mahalo!)**


An EEO/AAP Employer - Minority / Female / Disabled / Veteran



The Power Plant/Boiler Technician is responsible for the efficiency and maintenance of the Company’s power generation plant and steam boilers.


Essential Job Functions:


  1. Efficiently operates a biomass fired 28,000 lb/hr steam boiler, a diesel fired 13,000 lb/hr steam boiler and 1.3 megawatt power generating plant which includes (but not limited to) equipment start up and shut down, shifts to/from a combination of alternative fuels, makes necessary adjustments to water levels, balances the facility steam and electrical demands, removes 1200 degree ash from the firebox, and cleans boiler tubes.
  2. Performs scheduled preventive maintenance tasks, equipment repairs, and project work on all Power Plant related equipment as required.
  3. Maintains daily Power Plant related documentation files for review by supervisor.
  4. Records malfunctions of equipment, instruments, or controls on log.
  5. Records monthly usage of Power Plant fuels, husks/shells, boiler feed water, treatment chemicals and kilowatt readings of generated and purchased electricity for review by the department Manager/Supervisor.
  6. Operates boilers, turbines, generators, switchgears, and auxiliary equipment at generating plant to produce electricity; adjusts controls to regulate speed, voltage, and phase of incoming turbines to coincide with voltage and phase of power being generated.  Monitors gauges to determine effect of generator load on related equipment, such as buss bars and voltage regulators.  
  7. In event of power failure, employee synchronizes the conversion from steam to electrical power to assure plant safety by adhering to all safety practices and measures prescribed for operation of high pressure boilers and auxiliary equipment.  Synchronizes incoming generating units with units in operation and closes circuit breaker at exact instant of coincidence. Able to safely synchronize all available Mauna Loa generation sources to HELCO grid manually or in auto sync modes, as well as dead buss mode.
  8. Responds to all emergencies (power outages, equipment failures, etc.) to provide reliable electrical service and steam supply to factory/equipment, in a timely and effective manner.  Advises the Maintenance Manager/Supervisor and other department supervisors of imminent power failure.
  9. Uses manual or automatic controls to place in or out of service all auxiliary equipment in proper sequence to start or shutdown boilers.
  10. Performs inspections, records data, and advises Maintenance Manager/Supervisor of results of all power generating and auxiliary equipment, as required.
  11. Makes necessary adjustment on manual and automatic controls for proper feed water level in boiler, proper steam pressure, combustion efficiency, and stack gas emission (color).
  12. Ensures steam is supplied to nut drying tanks at proper pressure and volume. Shuts steam off to drying systems not in use.
  13. Lubricates equipment as per planned lubricating check list; inspects husk drying and shell storage system for proper operations; cleans soot blowers and logs data.
  14. Takes daily boiler and chiller water treatment samples, performs tests, adds water treatment chemicals as required, and enters data into log.
  15. Effectively communicates with and properly relays instructions to the next shift operator, ensuring problems, load changes, and action taken due to problems including equipment failures, are noted and understood.
  16. Assists in determining scope, estimate, plan, schedule, and the execution of all equipment repairs and project work (emergencies, seasonal, and off-season work).
  17. Performs minor fabrication and equipment installation work, using arc and gas welding and cutting tools.  Performs routine equipment repairs.
  18. Records water and electrical power usage information; reports any unusual usage to supervisor.
  19. Accurately gathers fuel and bio-fuel consumption data and completes required documentation on a timely basis; monitors fuel inventory levels and reports unusual usage to supervisor.
  20. Provides chemical inventory levels to Maintenance Manager/Supervisor on a regular basis for re-order.
  21. Lifts safety valves daily and logs data.
  22. Performs housekeeping and maintains work area cleanliness, per posted instructions.
  23. Performs related tasks as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications:


High school graduate or equivalent certification.Ability to read, write and orally communicate proficiently in English is required.  3 years Boiler Operator experience, water treatment experience, or related work.  Must be able to demonstrate thorough knowledge and skill in Power Plant operations and repairs. Demonstrate full knowledge and skills of electrical voltages of 480 and higher, and knowledge of arc flash hazard awareness.  Must be able to lift 50 lbs.  Must be able to fit through the 20”H x 15”W firebox door as well as the 16”H x 13”W deaerator, steam and mud drum doors.




Preferred Qualifications:


Boiler Operator Certification; 5 years boiler operator, electrical power generation/distribution, and water treatment experience or background. Mechanical and/or fabrication training and experience.  Associate Degree or apprenticeship certification in a related trade.