Dental Manager

Apr 25 2022
Lanai Community Health Center |Lanai City|Full Time
Category: Healthcare
Job Description

Facilitates the successful operation of the Lana’i Community Health Center dental service, with particular focus on the dental activities in accordance with established policies and procedures. This position supervises dental assistant staff and dental operations and maintains good relationships with all patients, external organizations, co-workers, etc. LCHC is a patient care, teaching and research organization and also provides workshops, education sessions and outreach – all employees should expect to be involved with these activities the extent to which will depend upon their position in the organization.


This position will be responsible to uphold the mission, vision, and values of LCHC, as well as instilling the mission, vision and values in each employee.




In accordance with HIPAA regulations, all patient information will have restricted access and be handled in a confidential manner at all times. Access to Patient Information shall be limited to only those persons needing such information in order to perform the specific duties of their job (such as direct patient care, patient billing or quality assurance review).


Whenever possible and reasonable, physical documents will be covered and/or kept from sight of all persons not directly involved in a patient’s activities (such as described above). When accessing Patient Information via computer, take appropriate steps to ensure that your screen is not easily visible to other patients and non-involved employees. Whenever you are not in your work area, take steps to ensure that no patient information is left unattended.