Respiratory Therapist

Feb 01 2024
Pearl City Nursing Home |Pearl City|Full Time, $40.00 / hour
Category: Healthcare
Job Description
Respiratory therapists evaluate, treat, and care for patients with breathing problems. Treatment provided may
involve operating equipment to administer oxygen, using mechanical ventilation, and administering medications in
aerosol form. Respiratory therapists also assist in diagnosing a patient's condition. This may involve analyzing
specimens, interpreting data, measuring a patient's lung capacity, and performing stress tests and other studies.
Respiratory therapists perform therapeutic and/or diagnostic procedures under the direction of Medical Director,
consulting pulmonologists, Director of Nursing Services (DON), Administrator, or Director of Respiratory Services.

• Associate of Science Degree from an approved school of Respiratory Care and has passed the National
Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) Certification Exam.
• Heartsavers Cardiac Life Support (Course “A”) required.
• Knowledge and application of science, diagnostics and therapeutics of respiratory care.
• Ability to disassemble, assemble, calculate, test and verify operation of respiratory care equipment during
cleaning and maintenance procedures.
• Prior employment experience in pediatric, long-term care, and/or equivalent setting preferred.
• Over six months as a staff Certified Respiratory Therapist preferred

1. Participation in formulation, implementation, and evaluation of patients respiratory care plan.
2. Determination of patient’s respiratory status by physical assessment, use of monitoring systems, survey of a
patient’s chart and evaluation of pulmonary function tests, blood gas analysis, chest x-ray reports, and other
pertinent lab data.
3. Consultation with physicians, other health care team members, patient’s and their families.
4. Independent utilization of specialized respiratory care equipment.
5. Medical gas and aerosol administration.
6. Drug administration specific to respiratory care.
7. Airway care.
8. Chest physiotherapy and postural drainage.
9. CPR and resuscitation support, Code 500 support as necessary.
10. Resource for tracheostomy tube and endotracheal intubation care and management.
11. Hyperinflation therapy.
12. Management of mechanical ventilators.
13. Use and interpretation of diagnostic and monitoring equipment in assessment and management of patient’s
(e.g.; ABG analysis, PFT’s, etc.)
14. May perform pulmonary function testing as appropriate.
15. Performs Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) sticks and capillary blood draws.
16. Transport and management of respiratory care patients within our facility and between other facilities.
17. Participates in discharge planning.
18. Maintenance and repair of respiratory equipment.
19. Maintenance of in-service education and professional development.
20. Maintenance of records and charting of therapeutic activities.
21. Participation in performance improvement monitoring and policy formation.
22. Education of other respiratory care staff, nursing home personnel, patients, and their families.
23. Exercises independent clinical judgment under physicians’ orders and supervision.
24. Maintains customer focus throughout all activities.