Resident Manager

Feb 25 2023
Job Description


The Resident Manager will be the first line of contact between tenants and management and is the primary entity responsible for day-to-day management of the property.

The Resident Manager will work under the supervision of the Executive Director of the management company and will coordinate his/her activities with management’s staff.

The Resident Manager will have the following responsibilities and duties:

The overall responsibility of the Resident Manager is the maintenance and enforcement of the house rules of a small housing complex located on 5 acres in Waimea. Applicants must demonstrate knowledge and skill of basic carpentry and plumbing. Applicants with prior satisfactory work history in maintenance, janitorial, handyman, construction, and plumbing trades are highly preferred. The ideal candidate should demonstrate the ability to enforce house rules in a firm, fair, and consistent manner to foster a congenial living environment for all residents. Applicants with backgrounds in law enforcement, security, mediation, youth development, or other social service trades are encouraged to apply. The resident manager is tasked with the overall curb appeal of the property and must control litter on the property and provide yards free of obstructions for contracted landscapers.

Additional tasks include:

Tenant Application and Selection. Assist the management company’s staff by providing and taking applications, obtaining verification consents, reviewing previous tenancy reports, reviewing background checks (as authorized) and interviewing applicants and tenants for Certifications and Recertifications of Tenant Income and Eligibility. The Resident Manager may be consulted in making tenant selection determinations.

Tenant Move-In/Out Activities. The Resident Manager shall inspect units prior to move-in/out, record, file and transmit inspection reports and work orders, determine repair requirements, perform repairs, provide costs and coordinate move-in/out dates with the management office. The Resident Manager should be able to read and explain lease provisions to new tenants and obtain necessary signatures.

Supervision of Site Employees. The Resident Manager is the sole employee of the property, but shall provide oversight and direction to landscapers, pest exterminators, refuse collectors, and other vendors providing services to the property. The Resident Manager may also be called upon to provide assistance, repairs, inspections of other properties managed by the management company.

Routine and Preventive Maintenance. The Resident Manager shall be responsible for the delivery of routine and preventive maintenance services to the property.

Purchasing. As directed, the Resident Manager shall solicit written and verbal proposals and quotations for services, goods and materials. The Resident Manager shall document their activities pursuant to the property managements’ policies and procedures.

Reporting. The Resident Manager shall compile and provide such reports on project activities as may be required by the management office. The Resident Manager shall maintain daily logs of work completed and tenant communications. Incident reports must be submitted as necessary.

Collections. The Resident Manager will make initial collections contact and will deliver notices and conduct such follow-up activities as may be indicated.

Tenant Relations. A significant duty of the Resident Manager will be to receive and attempt to resolve tenant complaints. Tenant problems and concerns with management and the property will be addressed first by the Resident Manager. Situations that are not resolved will be referred to the management office. Although a formal social services program is not to be provided, a related duty of the Resident Manager is to refer tenants to service providers and agencies which can help resolve the condition or problem. Complaints that remain unresolved shall be referred to the appropriate agency for resolution. Tenants are provided with a guide for Grievance Procedures in the House Rules.

Other Duties. The Resident Manager shall be familiar with the Lease and House Rules and have a general understanding of how subsidized properties work. It is the primary responsibility of the Resident Manager to enforce the provisions of the Lease and House Rules and to issue violation notices if and when necessary to ensure that all tenants are in compliance with these regulations. All tenants are to be treated in a fair and equal manner. The Resident Manager maintains inventory controls, attends tenant/community meetings, maintains key security and controls, coordinates or assists in such activities as Neighborhood Watch and other related activities.

Supervision. The Resident Manager is expected to work unsupervised the majority of the time. The management office will provide direction, clarification, support, and occasional maintenance assistance when needed. The management company will have periodic meetings with the Resident Manager to establish work plans, schedules, vacancies, placements, collections and other site activities.

Residential Requirements. The Resident Manager will reside at the Property and will be provided a three-bedroom, 1.5 bath unit free of charge as compensation for availability. The Resident Manager is always on call and must (to a reasonable extent) answer their cell phone. Resident Managers must be aware that the job requires them to be available to tenants for emergency situations 24 hours a day. The Resident Manager may be off-site during non-working hours, provided (s)he can return within a reasonable time for emergency situations. If the Resident Manager wishes to be off-site for 24-hours or longer, permission must be first obtained from the management office so that arrangements can be made to “cover” the housing complex in emergencies. The management office does have properties within the vicinity in which resident managers can call on each other for coverage.

Schedule. The Resident Manager will maintain a regular working schedule and such schedule will be provided to tenants. The hours are defined as the times when the Resident Manager can be expected to be on-site and working. The time frame may include doing tasks such as conducting move in/ out inspections, annual inspections, meeting with tenants and other activities, cleaning a unit to make it rent ready and/or doing site work. The property does not have an on-site office and the Resident Manager must make accommodations in their unit for files, computer equipment and other supplies in which to work. The Resident Manager must meet with tenants at the tenant’s unit for any necessary paperwork.

Skills and Qualifications. In addition to the above maintenance skills, the Resident Manager is expected to have a High school degree or equivalent, have general office and computer skills, or a capacity to be trained in applications. The Resident Manager must possess a valid driver’s license and have access to reliable transportation. The Resident Manager must possess the ability to evaluate conditions, determine required repairs, identify materials required for repairs, and be able to estimate the time required to complete the work. The Resident Manager should be able to give and follow oral and written instructions, as well as follow procedures and communicate effectively. Candidates are required to have a clean criminal history that would be acceptable to the corporation.

Other benefits: The Resident Manager receives a rent-free unit to live in. Additionally, electricity, water, internet, cell phone, computer and printer are provided for the Resident Manager’s/site usage. The Resident Manager employee is also provided with medical insurance which includes medical, dental, and vision through either HMSA or Kaiser Permanente. Vacation and 401k are provided after the first year of service.

This is a smoke-free property.

Job Type: Full-time, 30-40 hours per week.

Pay: Commensurate with experience/qualifications.

Job Type: Full-time