Telecommunication Construction Cable Splicer

Jul 31 2020
Pacific ComTech LLC |Waipahu|Full Time, $20.00 - $30.00 / hour
Job Description

Title: Cable Splicer


Reports To:  VP of Field of Operations


Summary:  A Cable Splicer is a confidential, non-exempt position that will serve the following primary function:


Cable splicers will be requied to work at heights or under confined spaces. Vision levels capable of discerning colors will be required since all wires and cables are color coded. Cable splicers will be required to take and read instructions, write reports and work proficiently with personal computers and other productive technology, such as but not limited to, smartphones and tables.  Cable splicers will be required to splice overhead, underground, or submarine multiple-conductor cables used in telephone and telegraph communication and electric-power transmission systems: Climbs utility poles or towers, utilizes truck-mounted lift bucket, or descends into Manholes and underground vaults where cables are located.


Duties and Responsibilities:


·      Safely operate company vehicle during travel to daily work sites.

·      Be able to review and interpret work orders, circuit diagrams and engineering drawings.

·      Remove lead sheath splice cases.

·      Cuts and peels lead sheath and insulation from cables and conductors preparatory to splicing.

·      Install, remove, replace and repair various PLP Preform Stainless Steel Closures.

·      Install various underground and aerial copper terminals.

·      Repair or replace faulty equipment such as defective and damaged telephones, wires, etc. 

·      Knowledgeable in OSP Telecommunication’s specification and standards relative to splicing practices. 

·      Test and groom copper facilities to the various types of high speed services, HDSL 2/4, T1, EOC, EoTDM, ISDN, DSO, BIAO,  etc.

·      Splice various copper cables utilizing 3M Ms2 Modular System.

·      Splice cables, using hand tools, epoxy, or mechanical equipment.

·      Work on energized circuits to avoid interruption of service.

·      Covers conductors with insulating or fireproofing materials.

·      Plug Cables to block off air pressure.

·      Locate and repair leaks in pressurized cable.

·      Installation and testing of pressurized and non-pressurized closures on all types and sizes of cable.

·      Cable locating and marking of paths for underground cable.

·      Ability to splice SM or MM fiber optic cables via fusion or mechanical splice, to include terminating various types of fiber connectors (ST, SC, LC, etc.).

·      Work with engineers and/or OSP PM’s to perform fusion splicing as directed.

·      Experience and Knowledge of using Fiber Optic Scope and or Fiber OTDR.

·      Installation and dressing of fiber optic cables (vertical and horizontal).

·      Develop splicing diagrams and designs to facilitate network architecture.

·      Provide management with detailed reports of field splicing activity(As-Builts, production level reports, etc).

·      Maintain fiber asset inventory and splicing records.

·      Inspect/test lines or cables, recording and analyzing test results, to assess transmission characteristics and locate faults or malfunctions.

·      Access specific areas to string lines or install terminal boxes, auxiliary equipment, or appliances, using bucket trucks, or by climbing poles or ladders, or entering tunnels, trenches, or crawl spaces. 

·      Set up service for customers, installing, connecting, testing, or adjusting equipment. 

·      Work from hydraulic aerial lifts (buckets) and ladders mounted on trucks.

·      Clean or maintain tools and test equipment.

·      Maintain a safe and harassment free work environment.

·      Effectively work with all others including third party personnel ensuring that productivity is maximized.

·      Hold teammates accountable to all company policies and procedures.

·      Any other task assigned or requested by company management.



·      High School Diploma

·      DOT physical card to operate aerial bucket trucks

·      Must be able to work nights and weekends

·      Understand basic telephony and electricity

·      Able to work from at heights

·      Trained in Pole climbing

·      Understand telephone diagram/drawings

·      Qualified in 3M Ms2 Splicing

·      Qualified Fiber Optic Splicer—fusion and mechanical

·      Knowledgeable in fiber and copper testing equipment for installation and repair of telecommunication circuits

·      Operate a personal computer with MS Office programs to prepare detailed records and reports.  Operate a smartphone or tablet with proficiency.

·      Ability to stand for long periods of time.

·      Ability ot lift a maximum of 40 pounds.

·      Excellent interpersonal skills.

·      Strong communication skills.

·      Ability to operate with an open mind.

·      Ability to work both independantly and as part of a team.